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Acorns Caps For Sale

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Acorns Caps For Sale
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Acorns Caps For Sale

Acorns Caps For Sale
The acorn is one of the most easily recognized seeds by children and adults alike. The acorn is actually the fruit of the oak tree.  Pixi looking, with their jaunty little caps, acorns are fun on their own. Adding these acorn caps for sale to any fall display brings the beauty and wonder of the fall season indoors. These pest free acorn caps for sale have been gathered and cleaned. They are ready to add to any fall or winter decorating. They are hand gathered, naturally gleaned from Mother Nature's bounty, and collected into bags containing the beautiful acorn caps. Dried acorn caps are fantastic for crafting. They can be added to any wreath, topiary, swag, garland or floral arrangement. They look fantastic with their counterpart of preserved oak leaves as they are scattered across tables, mantels, vanities, desks and counter tops. Napkin rings and place cards add a harvest theme when acorns are attached.  A bowl or basket filled with acorns becomes a focal point, and is a great conversation starter.  Dolls can be made with little acorn heads, acorns can be added to picture frames, made into interesting woodland creatures, or just simply hung as natural ornaments on a Christmas tree. Acorn caps are wonderful wedding decorations. Place them in clear vases, or scatter around centerpieces to bring a natural, rustic feel to a fall or winter wedding. Acorns make a unique parting guest gift. Acorns grow into mighty oak trees, just as the couple hopes to grow together in strength and love. Acorns are a happy bit of nature, that blend well into the happiness of a wedding day.  Brighten any wedding day with a fun and festive acorn display. Buy Acorns for a beautiful display today.


Product: Acorn caps
Amount: about 50 caps per bag (5 oz)
Size: about 1/2 an inch to 1 inch wide (penny size)
Grade B acorn caps may have small cracks and flaws
Grade A acorn caps are hand picked not to have small cracks or flaws

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