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Barked Willow Branches - Bark Willows Branch

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Barked Willow Branches - Bark Willows Branch
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Barked Willow Branches - Bark Willows Branch

 Barked Willow Large Bunch
Barked willow also know as bark willow to some is a imported willow.  Barked willow is huge at 6-7 feet tall and is great for a natural look that you only find in the finer homes around the country.  These willow branches are an amazing color and go well in a variety of arrangements.  Try some of this Barked willow in your next wall, corner, or centerpiece arrangement.

Height: 6' - 7'

Diameter: about 20 inches
Amount: 120 branches per bundle

Weight:  22 lbs bundle

Large bundle for import


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