Digital Photo Album Software

Photographs have changed a lot since the old black and white film. They first move towards more stable medias like 35mm film and slides and now we are moving into a digital photo age. Demand for digital photos is up and people want to share their photos on the web, email, slide shows, dvd, and t-shirts. Long gone is the one negative format that you have to guard with your life or it might get scratched and ruined. Now comes the days where people don’t unload their camera cards for months and try to organize their photos years after taking them. Not only do people take more pictures now they have a harder time organizing them.

One of the best free digital photo album software programs that I have found to organize photos is Picasa. It is free and easy. It makes keeping your photos together easier. Finding photos like eating cake. Editing your photos is now possible. It will do cropping, color changes, red eye, etc. Give it a try.

You can download it below for Free individually

or with the Free Google Pack software (Picasa

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