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Ringneck Pheasant Feathers These beautiful naturally stripped pheasant feathers for sale from the tail of a Ringneck Pheasant add interest, height and color to any floral or dried decor arrangement.  Both the male and the female of the species have the distinctive rings on their tail feathers that ..
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Simmering Spice Potpourri - Christmas Cheer Simmering Spice Potpourri - Christmas Cheer
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Simmering Spice Potpourri - Christmas Cheer Our exclusive blend of dried fruits and spices has been put together to bring you the delicious smells of the holiday season.  This medley of holiday potpourri is naturally scented and quite fragrant.  You may enjoy it in a pretty glass jar as dry potpour..
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Tumbleweed Snowman Don't have snow? Tired of the same old Christmas without any hope of a snowfall to build a snowman in site? Try the next best thing! A tumbleweed snowman can be one of the most fun holiday traditions for your family. It is easy to create one of these eye-catching figures on your ..
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White Birch Firewood Bundle - Decorative bundle Birch Firewood Bundles are perfect for decorating around a fireplace, mantel, or cabin. They are natural white birch and each log is unique and beautiful. Each log has been dried, cleaned, and preserved so that your decoration is pest free and long la..
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Christmas Tumbleweed Tumbleweeds make a great Christmas time decoration tradition. Line your walkway with some of these wonderful western plants. All you need is a battery powered tea light for each of your holiday tumbleweeds. Just stake them down if they try to get away. Best if painted white, s..
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Dried Craspedia (Billy Balls) Flowers
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Dried Craspedia (Billy Balls) Flowers Dried Craspedia or Billy Balls flowers are yellow flowers that are firm, one inch, yellow globe-shaped flower heads at the end of long slender stems without leaves or foliage. These unusual blossoms add wonderful texture and visual interest to floral designs. T..
$15.99 $22.99
Lavender Buds Surchoix Mix: These lavender buds are beautiful and have shades that range from lavender to blue. They are fragrant and fresh and great for use in homemade potpourri (note: they are most aromatic when placed in sunny/warm locations) or soaps  Lavender flower buds have a wonderful arom..
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Ringneck Pheasant Feathers Twenty to twenty two inches tall, these elegant Ringneck Pheasant Feathers are stunning when placed alone in a vase as a natural focal point.  Both the male and the female Ringneck Pheasant have these beautifully stripped tail feathers which are very distinctive to their ..
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New Crop of Indian Corn is in and ready for purchase.Decorative Indian Corn Indian corn is one of the best ways to celebrate the fall season. Indian corn in a natural product and therefore no two corn cobs are alike. These are the perfect decoration for Halloween, Thanksgiving or the of the cha..
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Mini Decorative Indian Corn What better way to celebrate fall than with some mini decorative Indian corn.  Mini Indian corn is a natural product. There are no two exactly alike and they are all beautiful.  Make sure you have some for Halloween, Thanksgiving and anyplace you need a little more color..
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Meadow Grass Meadow grass is a thinner grass than other grasses. Meadow grass is more erratic and more bushy that other straight grasses. This stuff is amazing and great for arrangements where you need some variety and change from the other straight items.Try some meadow grass today. You will love..
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Super Blue Lavender Buds Super Blue Lavender Buds
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Super Blue Lavender Buds These super blue lavender buds are beautiful and are picked more for their high blue color. They are fragrant and fresh and great for use in homemade potpourri (note: they are most aromatic when placed in sunny/warm locations) or soaps  Lavender flower buds have a wonderful..
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