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Dried Natraj Branches - Natrag Branches
-23 %
Dried Natraj Branches - Varnished Dried Natraj branches make an interesting, unique and elegant natural display - perfect for an art deco look in your decor. Natraj branches have a twisting and exotic look that catches the eye. These could be placed in a vase by themselves or add them with some of ..
$19.99 $25.99
Wood Flowers - Wood Zinnia Wood Flowers - Wood Zinnia
-40 %
Dried Wood Zinnia Flowers Wood flowers are so beautiful and unique you will fall in love immediately. They are so beautiful you would never know they are handmade from a soft wood.  Try some in some potpourri or add a stem to them easily with just a little hot glue to add it any arrangement or..
$5.99 $9.99
Wood Fan Flowers - Sola Fans Wood Fan Flowers - Sola Fans
-25 %
Wood Fan Flowers - Sola Fans Wood flowers are perfect for your arrangements.  They last a very long time and are made with the upmost care with natural sola root.  It stays flexible and looking good for a long time.  You will love the way these fan flowers look.  We guarantee it.    Product: ..
$8.99 $11.99
Pinecone Seconds - Large and Small
-62 %
Pinecone seconds Pinecones are beautiful and great for many occasions, projects, and crafts. Sometimes you want the wacky, weird, or misshapen pine cones. Sometimes it doesn't matter if the pine cone is perfect on all sides. If you find yourself working with pine cones like this then here is your ..
$19.99 $52.99
Dried Velvet pods
-50 %
Dried Velvet Pods Velvet pods are fascinating and beautiful. They are just the right size to use in potpourri and perfect for adding to a stem and putting in an arrangement. They are called velvet pods because of their fuzzy outer shell and smooth inner shell. They are beautiful however you decide..
$5.99 $11.99
Long Curly Ting Ting Branches Long Curly Ting Ting Branches
-36 %
Long Curly Ting Ting Long Curly Ting Ting Branches are hard to find much less any tall branches. They are the best for tall vases and corner arrangements for your home or office. Long ting ting sticks really make a statement and are so hard to find they are an exclusive item you won't find at every..
$13.99 $21.99
Dried Banana Stick on Stem
-46 %
Dried Banana Sticks Dried Banana Sticks are an amazing pod/stick. They they are long and very eye catching. Banana sticks come a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. They are great with other dried flowers, dried pods, or fresh arrangements. They are already stemmed and ready to use. Try some D..
$6.99 $12.99
Dried Chinese Puzzle Branches
-54 %
Dried Chinese Puzzle Branches Dried Chinese puzzle is an amazing light green branch with stripes. It is fun because it has twisted ends that try to tangle the other branches which can be pulled apart easily without too much effort or damage contrary to what the name suggests. Chinese puzzle branch..
$5.99 $12.99
Japanese Fantail Willow Japanese Fantail Willow
-34 %
Japanese Fantail Willow Fantail willow is very rare and beautiful branch. Produces highly ornamental flattened, contorted branches covered with catkins – like nothing you’ve ever seen! The curly branch and catkin buds add to every aspect of this branches look. You have to try some of this high end ..
$32.99 $49.99
Dried Monkey Pods on Stem
-33 %
Dried Monkey Pod Dried Monkey Pods are a fascinating pod attached to a stem and ready to use in your decorations. Their natural beauty will capture your audience and visitors attention as they are great to look at. People will as you were you got them and if they are real. They are and natures beau..
$9.99 $14.99
Dried Babys Breath Garland - 6 Feet Long Dried Babys Breath Garland - 6 Feet Long
-32 %
Dried Babys Breath Garland Babys Breath is a staple in the floral industry and there is a reason why.  It is so beautiful and easy to work with.  It also makes wonderful decorations by itself.  This long garland it amazing when you put it on a shelf, fireplace, or used as a centerpiece and if 6 fe..
$66.99 $98.99
Mood Moss - Natural Mood Moss - Natural
-21 %
Preserved Natural Mood Moss Bring some of Earth’s natural mosses into your arrangement with our Mood moss. Mood moss is great for covering the foundation of your arrangements, as bowl filler, and arts and craft projects. The quality of our Mood moss is sure to speak for itself.  Try some of our moo..
$49.99 $62.99
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