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Mini Pine Cone Wreaths - 6 inch

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Mini Pine Cone Wreaths - 6 inch
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Mini Pine Cone Wreaths - 6 inch

Mini Pine Cone Wreath
These lodgepole pine cone wreaths for sale are super cute and super useful for decorations and tables.  Add several of these wreaths to a wall for super great look that one big pine cone wreath couldn't give. Add some of these pine cone wreaths for sale to a table by themselves or with candles holders or vases in them for an awesome look for a wedding or party.  Anyway you use this pine cone Christmas wreath you will have fun and love the result.  We guarantee it!

Product: Pine Cone Wreath
Diameter across: 6 inch
Diameter of hole: 2-2.5 inch
Color: All Natural
Type: Natural Lodgepole pine cones on wire wreath
Case Option: Buy a case of 20 pine cone wreaths and Save Big!

Other Spellings: Dried flower wreaths, dried floral wreaths, dried herb wreaths, dried flowers wreaths, dried wheat wreaths, dried wreath, dried wreaths, dried wreath arrangements


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