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Product that have been discontinued or are currently sold out for long term.  If you see products here you would like us to work on bringing back into stock please let us know.  We will be happy to try to help you find it. If we get enough requests we will be happy to find a new supply and help you.

Dried Flower Cornucopia - Horn of Plenty
-24 % Out of Stock
Dried Flower Cornucopia - Horn of Plenty Nothing brings to mind the richness and bounty of the earth more than a Cornucopia.  Known as the 'horn of plenty', cornucopias date back to classical mythology.  The cornucopia has always been the symbol of a bountiful harvest, prosperity, fortune and good..
$49.99 $65.99
Dried Flower Decor Balls These flower decor balls will make your centerpiece come alive.  They are made with all natural products.  Try these dried flower balls in a bowl by themselves or with other decor balls on a coffee or dinner table. They are sure to make your guest wonder if they are really..
$9.99 $21.99
Dried Flower Painted Mason (Ball) Jar Set Dried Flower Painted Mason (Ball) Jar Set
-33 % Out of Stock
Dried Flower Painted Mason (Ball) Jar Set Dried Flower Painted Mason (Ball) Jar Set is one of our newest and most exciting products.  A ready for your mantel, shelf, centerpiece, or counter item.  It comes with everything shown with only some minor assembly required to put the product together s..
$59.99 $89.99
Dried Indian Grass
-43 % Out of Stock
Dried Ornamental Indian Grass (Dried) Indian Grass of the Bunchgrass family, is a type of perennial grass that grows in tall clumps or bunches in desert localities.  The roots of bunch grass grow long to get moisture from deep within the soil. This allows bunch grass to grow tall as it reaches for..
$12.99 $22.99
Dried Latta Chains - Each 3 ft of Vine
-73 % Out of Stock
Dried Latta/Vine Chains Latta or Vine Chains are a great decorators tool.  Connect them and use them as a garland or use each section individually for hanging natural arrangements.  Latta chains are sturdy and will hold reasonable amounts of weight. If in doubt you can always use more of them to sp..
$3.99 $14.99
Dried Margarita Flowers Dried Margarita Flowers
-40 % Out of Stock
Dried Margarita Flowers Margarita flowers are a beautiful straw flower that has a larger flower head. They are amazing eye catching flowers.  They are great by themselves to fill up a vase or add other bigger flowers as well and make a flower party in a vase.  Anyway you use these little eye wonder..
$8.99 $14.99
Dried Mixed Rose Bouquet
-50 % Out of Stock
Dried Mixed Rose Bouquet Dried Mixed Rose Bouquets are perfect for a single centerpiece or for a whole wedding or event.  They are already made and tied with ribbon so all you have to do is put them in a vase or container.  These bouquets would also look great laid down on a table as a centerpiece...
$11.99 $23.99
Oceana Palm Leaves - Green Our dried oceana palm leaves are only the highest of quality leaves that are then professionally cleaned and dried to be ready to use in any bouquet or arrangements. These have a tropical feel so they would be great decorations for a beach wedding/reception or for a luau ..
$7.99 $11.99
Dried Oregano Flowers Bunch - Greek
-38 % Out of Stock
Dried Oregano Flower Bundle The dried stems of oregano can be used to add color to any dried or fresh floral display.  Oregano is lovely when tucked in a wreath, bouquet or swag made from natural wheat, rye, rice and oats. The light green of the oregano flower makes a lovely contrast. The dried ore..
$7.99 $12.99
Dried Palm Fiber Sale - Coconut Palm
-50 % Out of Stock
Dried Coconut Palm Fiber Dried coconut palm fiber has many uses.  A great replacement for other mosses and fibers. Palm fiber is excellent to hide glue and foam. Wrap tree trunks for a natural look.  It is also great for island crafts, decorations, or to use as grass for any other craft project.  A..
$9.99 $19.99
Dried Pastel Flower Bouquet Dried Pastel Flower Bouquet
-38 % Out of Stock
Dried Pastel Flower BouquetExclusively here! This beautiful dried flower bouquet can't be found anywhere else.  With the amazing colors mixed together you can take this right from the floral sleeve and put right in your favorite vase or use it right out of the box.  This flower bouquet really do..
$15.99 $25.99
Dried Pepperberries - Dried Pepper Berries Dried Pepperberries - Dried Pepper Berries
-33 % Out of Stock
Dried Pepperberries Pepperberries are a very popular and useful berry for any decorating season.  Dried and natural, the pepperberries will stay their cheery color indefinitely.  Wonderful for use in wreaths and garlands, made into jewelry, added to decorative trees, tied onto packages, added to ha..
$19.99 $29.99
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