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Specialty Ting Ting Bunches (Valentines, Wedding Bunch)

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Specialty Ting Ting Bunches (Valentines, Wedding Bunch)
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Specialty Ting Ting Bunches (Valentines, Wedding Bunch)

Specialty Curly Ting ting
Specialty Curly Ting ting throughout the year is perfect for holidays and special events. Each of our bunches of curly ting ting is specifically made to make your celebration a success. We have Ting Ting for Valentines Day, Weddings, 4th of July,  Halloween, and Christmas. Look for each bunch here as the holiday approaches. We can also remind you if you sign up for our newsletter of the specials we have on these items. Just click here to signup. 

Valentines Day Bunch -- Red and White Glittered Twisted Ting Ting (Pictured) -- Perfect for valentines day arrangements or give a bouquet of flowers with red and white ting ting mixed in it anytime you want to surprise your loved one. This really could help with getting you out of the Doghouse too.

Wedding Day bunch -- Silver and White Glittered Twisted Ting Ting (Pictured)  -- Mixed perfectly so your wedding will be fantastically decorated.  This ting ting can be used for wedding table arrangements or to put in trees, bushes, etc anyway within your wedding to add a sparkle and zing to your wedding or other special event. All 4 oz bunches. Perfect for a half to full dozen roses or other flowers or dried arrangement.

Product: Specialty Curly Ting ting
Size: Large 4 oz bunches
Amount: 40-45 stems
Length: about 26 inches long
Single Bunch Colors: Singles bunches come in our Valentines and Wedding bunches.
Case Colors: Made closes to your colors wanted. Max 3 colors per bunch for the price but we can still customize your order if you need us to.
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 specialty curly Ting Ting bunches and Save and Customize the colors.

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