About Us

Curious Country Creations is an online retailer that specializes in natural and preserved decorative items for home and professional use.  In 2004 Curious Country Creations started out as just a website selling tumbleweeds.  The business has flourished since then, and hundreds of new decorative products have been added.   We carry everything from wreath forms, dried leaves, flowers and pods to let the do-it-yourself project lovers create their own wreaths, to beautiful dried floral arrangements ready to be displayed.  Now Curious Country Creations sells decorative products to weddings, parties, theaters, restaurants, fundraisers, churches, movies, Superbowl commercials, Broadway plays, and the whole world.

We love hearing feedback from our customers and often have great stories to share about where our products have been or what they’ve been a part of.  Rose parade floats, congratulatory bouquets on closing night on Broadway, movie sets, television commercials, weddings– more than ever anticipated when this company was started.

We also like to share new merchandise and new ways to use our many available decorative products, and we do so through step-by-step tutorials, photographs, and ideas from our designers.

Feel free to visit the site–CuriousCountryCreations.com –you’ll be amazed at all of the various products on there!