Dried Cotton & Preserved Eucalyptus

Dried Cotton & Preserved Eucalyptus   It is officially the first day of summer! All around the country people are throwing BBQ’s, having pool parties and spending their weekends camping. With summer in full swing, posting about eucalyptus and cotton may seem somewhat out of place. One of the best things about our dried and […] Read More

Best Branches for Winter Decorating

Searching on Pinterest for ideas for after-the-Holidays Winter Decorating, I’ve noticed that most of the ideas shown include a vase, antique water pitcher, galvanized bucket, wooden crate, etc. with some bare branches artfully arranged in it.  I don’t know about you, but all winter long where we are it is way too cold and snowy […] Read More

Winter Decorating

When all of the Christmas Holiday decorations come down the house can start looking really blank….  it’s kind of sad when there are no more sparkling lights on a Christmas Tree, or glittery signs and ornaments around.  The months between the winter holidays and the return of life in spring, at least in Utah where […] Read More