DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers We love receiving pictures from our customers showing us what imaginative creations they’ve come up with. Recently, we received the photograph of a beautiful rustic cake topper. Made from tree trunk slices and then decorated with pine cones, leaves and creme colored flowers. If you’re having a country or rustic themed […] Read More

Natural Lavender Dryer Bags

Natural Lavender Dryer Satchels The other day I was in the grocery store, and I saw these dryer bags. Immediately I wanted to buy them for my own home as regular dryer sheets are filled with harsh chemicals. Not really inspecting them too closely, I threw them into my cart. Each box contains 4 bags […] Read More

Gladys the Dragon

We have very creative clients who made this wonderful dragon with dried flowers and seeds on a lovely driftwood base.  Thank you Pati and Jack for sharing your wonderful and creative Glady’s the Dragon with the girl tatoo with us!  Now we are anxiously awaiting pictures of the peacock that is in production. Read More

Gnomes, anyone?

A few agave leaves, a little bit of paint,  a tiny bit of imagination and you can quickly have a gathering of gnomes for home, office or garden decor.  Each agave leaf is just enough different that the ‘gnomes inside’ are as unique as each leaf.  The possibilities are endless.  Let the crafting begin! Read More

Tumbleweeds on the News!

Tonight the founder of was featured in a news article on KSL 5 in Utah. The story was all about Tumbleweeds, and how they are an icon of the Old West (even though they weren’t introduced until the late 1800’s), and how they are a nuisance to some and good business for others…..  well […] Read More

Salt Cedar Vase

I love the beach.  I love digging my toes into the sand, splashing in the waves, hunting seashells with my kids, chasing seagulls…  I love the sound of the ocean and could listen to waves crashing for hours.  Reality check: I live in land locked Utah.  *sigh*  To make up for lack of proximity to […] Read More

Tmobile not in myFaves five

Tmobile I don’t know if cell phones really cause cancer but after the headache I have had with tmobile I feel a tumor coming on. It’s not a tumor” — Arnold Swarchenegger I can’t believe a company can still be in business and be so rude to their customers. I have been a Tmobile customer […] Read More