Dried Flower Swag

Dried Flower Rack

Sprucing up your home? Wanting to add some color to your office? This is a great, and easy way to use dried flowers in your decor. This project doesn’t require that you have a crafty touch, its as simple as hanging the flowers up!

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Making your own flower swag is not only cheaper than buying a pre-made one, you can also customize your flowers to give you a unique look, or personalize to fit your needs.

These would look beautiful above your kitchen window, in a powder room or simply on any wall in your home, office or even ‘glamper’.

You could use a piece of wood as the backing as shown in the pictures above or you could use reeds/branches like in this example:

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Simply wrap your flower bunches with rafia, jute, ribbon, wire, or even cover them in moss like the above example.

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There is an endless array of options for flowers you choose to hang in your swag . Here is a list of options that we think would be beautiful in your homemade swag.

Super Blue Lavender


Flax or Linum Bunch

Also available in purple and hot pink

Globe Amaramth – Red


Available in white, pink, dark blue and light blue


However you choose to create your hanging swag, we know it will be a standout decoration! We would love to see your pictures of your recreations. Email us your photos at info@curiouscountrycreations.com.


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