Curious Country Creations donates to Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Three months ago the associate producer of Extreme Makeover Home Edition contacted us and asked if we would like to be involved in decorating a home for a family in need in Kentucky.  We were thrilled and excited to donate to this cause so we had to quickly shipped (They build the houses in 7


Curious Country Creations in the News

Curious Country Creations was referenced by the St. Petersburg Times recently and I thought you should be aware of the discussion. This post is about Obama’s new budget plan and how it will affect business owners. The business they focus on is selling Tumbleweeds on the internet.  It is a funny topic that Curious Country

Harry Potter Gets Wheat Bundle

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Broadway, & Wheat Bundles

What do Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Broadway, & Wheat Bundles have to do with each other? I would have never guessed anything at all but we got a call two weeks ago when Equus the Broadway play was about to close.  This controversial play starred Daniel Radcliffe better known as Harry Potter as a man


New Curious Country Creations Blog. Welcome

Welcome to our new Craft Blog. We hope this will be a resource for those of you on our newsletter and everyone else too for finding crafting and decorating ideas.  It will also be a place for news and entertainment as well as finding out about new products and events that Curious Country Creations is