Easter Rainbow Pine Cone Bouquet

Easter Pine Cone Centerpiece

Easter: what an egg-cellent time of year. Spring is here and it’s totally egg-ceptable to eat those extra pieces of chocolate. Don’t like my egg-ceptional jokes? I’ll try to keep my Easter puns to a minimum… or maybe i’ll whisk it.

A Fanciful Twist Website

 We stumbled upon this adorable and different take on Easter decor on A Fanciful Twist’s website. At Dried Decor, we love people who can take objects and use them in ways that most people wouldn’t think.

Most of us see pine cones and think of Christmas or Winter, not Spring time.

Have you ever seen a zinnia flower? The zinnia flower is what inspired this awesome craft and we think the end product is a pretty close replica. Here’s some pictures of a few zinnia flowers.

This creative take on Easter decor can easily be replicated with just a few items and modified to whatever colors you want to use.

Our Ponderosa Pine Cones are the perfect shaped pine cones to make everlasting zinnias of your own.

Painting the bottom of the pine cone in a base color of white will help whatever color you choose to really pop.

Then a coat or two with some acrylic paint (don’t forget some yellow in the middle) and you’ve got unique rainbow pine cones.

You can also turn these into a fun DIY wreath

Or these would look great simply placed in a bowl and used on a coffee table, mantle or as a centerpiece on your dining table.

You could also add these to a DIY wreath and would be a great contrast to fresh or dried flowers.

How bout an Easter yolk.. I mean joke, to get you feeling festive.

What happened to the Easter Bunny when he misbehaved at school?

He was egg-spelled.

Okay, okay.. Happy fry-day!

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