Indianapolis 500 Gets a Tumbleweed

I love all the fun things you can do with tumbleweeds and this is no exception.  We just overnighted a tumbleweed to Indiana for the 2013 Indianapolis 500 indy car race. They are going to roll it across the track at some point, hopefully when the cars are going and we can see what happens to it when a race car at 200 miles hits it. 🙂  Probably not, but it is going to be in a commercial and on the race track.  Who knows where it will end up?Indianapolis_500_Start

They need to throw the tumbleweed over the fence right about now to have it hit the track when the race is going on.  Just warn the drivers not to swerve for tumbleweeds. 🙂

92nd Indianapolis 500

Anyway I don’t know a lot about the details but make sure to watch the race and let us know what happens.  I’ll update this post when I know more.  It might end up being a commercial, a publicity stunt, or maybe something bigger but it should be fun if you see a tumbleweed.

In the comments let us know what you think about this and what they should do with it or what you have done with a tumbleweed.

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