The Host Movie – Wheat Field

Several months ago was contacted by one of the set designers working on the movie “The Host” based on the book of the same name by Stephenie Meyers (Author of the best selling Twilight Series.) The movie stars actors Saoirse Ronan, Diane Kruger, Max Irons, Jake Abel, William Hurt, Frances Fisher, Chandler Canterbury and others.


The designer wanted to recreate a wheat field.  He was planning on making a small wheat field and using computer animation to complete the scene.  We sent several boxes of Dried Wheat to Louisiana where the filming was taking place.

Not too long after that we got another phone call from the movie studio.  They liked the wheat so much that they wanted to build the entire wheat field from real wheat, not use computer graphics.  We gladly sent several pallets of wheat to the set.  We waited several months for the release of the movie, and on March 29, 2013 it came to the movie theaters.

The staff of attended the movie together and when the wheat field came into view we cheered!  And then we were pleasantly surprised by how much of the movie took place in the field (fifteen minutes or more!).  The actors walked through the field, carried stalks of wheat around, and cut the wheat with scythes.  The set designers did a wonderful job of making the wheat field look so natural.  But of course, it was the dried wheat stalks from that really made it happen!

Here are some photos from the movie “The Host” from scenes in the wheat field.


Many cast members working in the wheat field.


The character “Ian”


The character “Wanda/Melanie”


“Wanda/Melanie”, “Maggie”, and “Ian”


“Uncle Jeb”


“Wanda/Melanie” and “Uncle Jeb”

Since the release of the movie “The Host” we have gotten phone calls from other movie set designers requesting dried plants for upcoming projects.  We asked how they found and were told that they called the producer of “The Host” to find out where they got the wheat.  We love word of mouth referrals!

If you have a decorating project, whether it’s as big as recreating an entire wheat field in a sci-fi cave, or simply adding an arrangement of dried flowers or dried branches to your living room, give us a call!

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