DIY Spring Moss Frame

DIY Spring Moss Frame

This year the Spring equinox is March 20, and even though Punxsutawney Phil predicted six more weeks of Winter, here in Utah the weather has been beautiful! Disclaimer: beautiful in February really means like 50 but hey, we’re above freezing right? Either way it still has me dreaming of BBQ’s, camping trips and long nights outside *sigh.* For now, I guess making fun Spring inspired home decor will have to do. This wonderful idea came from Oh My Creative Blog.

OhMyCreative Blog

We love this idea for taking an everyday item, like a picture frame and changing the way its used – turning it into a 3-D work of art. This idea is SO easy to modify to fit your style and color criteria. You could also use an array of frame sizes and/or flower colors to create dimension and contrast.

To start, pick a frame (or frames) that you feel would be appropriate for your project

The next step is to lay the Moss Matt

Available in: Small Size: 16 inches X 18 inches (288 square inches) Large Size: 16 inches x 48 inches (768 square inches)

Simply cut the matt to fit in the inside of the frame and then glue down using your glue of choice.

 You could tie your arrangement together with some raffia at the bottom to give your piece a completed look.

Natural Raffia Hanks

Or you could even use a colored Natural Raffia

Available in: Natural Tan, Red, Emerald Green, Hunter Green, Burgundy, Harbor Blue, Orange

Then the fun part, picking your flowers! Here is a list of options that we think would make beautiful recreations:

Dried Blue Hydrangea

Larkspur – Blue, Pink or White

Super Blue Lavender

Wheat Bundle

Purple Globe Amaranth

The list could go on and on…

For a full list of dried flowers, grasses and wheat visit our website.

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