Drumroll Please……. Introducing Sola Wood Flowers!!

We have been working for months and months (maybe 8 or 9!) to find a manufacturer of sola wood flowers that produces high quality, gorgeous flowers in a lot of varieties. It was quite the search, but after receiving samples from multiple sources we finally found a company that delivered just what we were looking for.

Then the real fun began… we chose over 40 different varieties of flowers in multiple sizes and started the manufacturing process. Finally the flowers were ready to ship… and after several more weeks (okay, months), we are so pleased to announce that the truckload of sola flowers arrived at our warehouse just a few days ago!

Sola Flowers Arrive

Here we are unloading 15 pallets of flowers– it took all of us 3 days to sort them and open all of the boxes to check the quality. We couldn’t be happier– the flowers are gorgeous!

Mini Magnolias

This last week we have been busy taking photographs of all of the sizes and styles of flowers to showcase their beauty. Now that the photos are done we are adding the flowers as quickly as possible to our store (check them out!).

Sola Wood Camelia

Wondering what to use sola flowers for? Or why they are all white? Sola is the name for tapioca root that has been dried, peeled and shaved into petal-thin strips. It is naturally white, but the best thing about sola is that it is easily dyed any color you want!

Here is a tutorial that we made several months ago when we were experimenting with samples- you can see how easily the flowers are dyed just using acrylic craft paint mixed with water. Then you can add wire stems, other greenery like eucalyptus, and dried flowers to create a long-lasting, custom-colored bouquet.

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