Eucalyptus Table Centerpieces

We received these gorgeous photos from a happy customer who used our Preserved Eucalyptus as table centerpieces for a formal dinner party.

Eucalyptus Table Centerpiece

Just look at how the dark foliage makes the small crystal vases with bright ranunculus flowers pop. The candlesticks and beautiful china are accented as well by the rich Eucalyptus leaves.

Blue Preserved Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is a very versatile greenery– actually it comes in many vibrant colors that will accent your color scheme for any arrangement. It can be used in fresh, dried, or artificial flower arrangements.

Kiwi Preserved Eucalyptus

As an added bonus, Preserved Eucalyptus is naturally fragrant- I bet this dinner party smelled amazing!

Stunning Table Setting

Eucalyptus is such a popular item year round. We’re happy to announce that the new harvest has been cut, preserved, and is on it’s way to our store. It will be ready to ship in a few days! Order now to receive Eucalyptus in time for your fall decorating and Thanksgiving gatherings. Also great for weddings, every day home decorations, as sprigs of color in Christmas trees, accenting wreaths, and many other uses.

Happy decorating!

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2 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Table Centerpieces

  1. Hi!! Just curious if i have to do anything with the preserved leaves or any dried decor to keep it “fresh”? I plan on buying bulk for my wedding that is in a couple of months. Is it ok to buy and store them? If not, when would you recommend I purchase them? Thanks!!

    1. Our preserved leaves will last that long and much longer. We preserve them sell them all year long and we expect them to last for years to come. Some conditions can affect that like sun, water, etc but you shouldn’t have any problem ordering right now and having them last a couple months. Just store them away from sun, moisture, bugs, animals, etc. FYI eucalyptus scent will not last this long but can be restored with some air freshener spray or essential oils on the branches. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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