DIY Lavender Wreath

Homemade Lavender Wreath

Hello, Crafters!

Today’s post was inspired by a customer of ours that called into our warehouse asking and wondering if we could tell her how to make a wreath out of lavender. She explained that she loves making her own wreaths at home and has made some different wreaths in the past. But to her dismay, she could not figure out the best way to make a lavender wreath.

I wanted to make sure we had a blog about this topic so that any future customers that have this question, or a question similar, could have a place to refer to.

There are great blogs out there with detailed steps on how they made their lavender wreath.

I found great resources like these:

centsationalgirl blog

and ehow

The easiest technique I found is using lavender and craft rings. Something like this –

designedonsunshine blog

Or, like this –

centsationalgirl blog

Craft rings come in different sizes, so pick the size that best fits your needs.

You could also use a grapevine ring.


Whatever you feel would work better for you.

Supplies :

  • Craft Ring
  • Wire Cutters
  • Floral Wire
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Ribbon/Raffia/Spanish Moss etc.
  • Other dried plants/flowers/pods

Depending on how full you want your wreath to be, start by bunching your lavender together to the fullness that you want

centsationalgirl blog

Once you have the bunch that you want, trim the stems to about 4-5 inches from the last lavender bud.

Attach lavender to your ring by using the floral wire to wrap around the flowers and the craft ring. You can also rubber band your lavender bunch before attaching them to your ring. It will give you a different look in the end but it can be an easier way to work with the lavender.


Continue to work your way around your ring until the ring is covered and the thickness that you’re looking for. Fill sparse areas with additional stems.

You can also include other dried or fresh flowers or plants in with the lavender

designedonsunshine blog

Use your imagination and the possibilities are endless for the wreaths that you can create!

Then to finish off your wreath add a ribbon bow like this blog

Or fill in the inside of your wreath with some spanish moss like this

At we have everything you need in order to make an easy lavender wreath for your front door this Spring!!

Depending on the look you’re going for, we have different types of dried lavender

Grosso Lavender – which has a gray-er look but has a stronger lavender scent

Super Blue Lavender – which is a brighter blue color but has less of a lavender scent

If you want to add other flowers to your wreath here are some of our recommendations

Natural Yarrow

8 oz Blond Wheat

Dried Stardust Gypsophila

Spanish Moss – Natural, Lt Green, Green

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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