DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

DIY Wedding Cake Toppers

We love receiving pictures from our customers showing us what imaginative creations they’ve come up with.

Recently, we received the photograph of a beautiful rustic cake topper. Made from tree trunk slices and then decorated with pine cones, leaves and creme colored flowers.

If you’re having a country or rustic themed wedding, a cake topper like this is a wonderful way to keep your decor natural, with an organic feel.

This customer ordered the pine cones used from us, purchasing our Black Spruce Cones

But depending on the size and shape there are many other pine cone options. Our Red Pine Cones are a bit larger in size

Or, something more unique like our Pine Cone Roses

The creme colored flowers look to be handmade originals, we do however, carry a wide range of other large statement flowers including, but not limited to –

Dried Mums – White

Creme Colored Peonies

Cotton Balls

Wood Daisies

And, for the leaves you could use –

Salal Leaves

Magnolia Leaves

You could also add some filler flowers such as:

Bleached Baby’s Breath

White Larkspur

Dried Natural Everlasting Flowers

There are many different options and ways to make a cake topper that will be unique to you and your wedding.

A quick internet search pulls up a multitude of rustic themed cakes,

here are some other examples to help get those creative juices flowing
MomoRadRose Etsy

Did any of you create your own cake topper for your wedding as well? We would love to see pictures of your creations! Send all pictures to

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