Dried Wheat Boutonnieres

Dried Wheat Boutonnieres

Summer is here, which means that we are smack dab in the middle of wedding season.

Maybe your own wedding, a daughter, sister or friends wedding, but chances are you know someone that is planning a wedding.

And if the above statement is true, chances are you’ve somehow got roped into helping the bride, in some way or another.

Because weddings are expensive, stressful and take a lot of planning in order to make sure it runs perfectly in the eyes of the Bride (sorry, Grooms)

Using dried flowers, like wheat, that you can order ahead of time and put together are a great option.  They will stay looking the same as the day you put them together for months. This will take a load off of everyone, knowing that boutonnieres and/or bouquets are done.

Using wheat, whether blonde or blackbeard wheat gives the boutonnieres a country-chic feel and is great for weddings out in the country or if you want your wedding to feel cozy, rustic or homespun. Simply bunch your wheat stems together and wrap with a colored ribbon, raffia, burlap, or yarn.

This simple of a boutonniere can look like a completed, well thought out addition to the wedding.

But if wheat by itself seems to plain or simple to you, by simply adding other dried wheat’s, grasses, flowers or pods to the boutonniere will give them a unique, yet completed look.

The boutonniere above combines Blackbeard Wheat with Tallow Berries

While the boutonniere below beautifully integrates Blonde Wheat with a blush painted Palm Rose

Here are some other ideas of options that you could add to your boutonnieres to make them individually unique.

Cotton Bolls

Stardust Gyp

Canella Berries

Black Spruce Cones


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