Tractor Themed Birthday Party

My second baby boy recently turned 5 years old. Holy smokes, when did that happen?!?!? He requested a tractor themed birthday party. The fun started with these invitations that I made using my Cricut.   The wheels have brads in the centers so they can really turn. All the party info shows up in the […]

Bathroom Makeover For $13

Alright, I have been showing you bits and pieces of my bathroom makeover as I made them… now it is done so it is time for the great reveal! Here is the half bathroom before the makeover: It doesn’t look too bad, but it was boring and didn’t have a finished look.  I started out […]

Painting Makes it New!

Here’s another decoration given to me by my sister that just didn’t quite go with the look I’m trying to create in my bathroom…. so, do I throw it away?  NOPE!  I get out my paint! Here is the picture of the bird before: First I painted the head, back and wings black with two […]

Anchor Upcycle Craft Project

My sister had a woman give her a bunch of unwanted beach-themed decorations… which my sister didn’t want either.  So, lucky me!!  Knowing that I am decorating my house in that theme my sister saved the decorations for me.  This is one of the items: I said “oooh, I really like it!  But I’m going […]

Salt Cedar Vase

I love the beach.  I love digging my toes into the sand, splashing in the waves, hunting seashells with my kids, chasing seagulls…  I love the sound of the ocean and could listen to waves crashing for hours.  Reality check: I live in land locked Utah.  *sigh*  To make up for lack of proximity to […]

Best of the Web Promo Codes

I do a lot of seo work and getting in directories is always part of that.  You have to pick through the good and the bad to find good direcotories that are worth submitting to and also paying for submission.  One of the best ones I always consider is