Save the Tumbleweeds

Tumbleweeds are an enduring symbol of the west. Classic to any cowboy or ghost town movie or display these tumbling weeds have rolled their way into our hearts. These same tumbleweeds now have ever shrinking room to tumble. Development of land is a huge concern for many who enjoy these agile plants. The expanding and […]

Blockbuster Superbowl Commercial

Blockbuster Superbowl Commercial Gotta love the Superbowl for the football, gotta love it for the superbowl food and parties, but if those don’t move you then you gotta love the Superbowl Commercials. One of my all time favorite internet commercial is the one with a rabbit, guinea pig, and a mouse in a pet shop […]

Blockbuster New Release

Blockbuster New Release Blockbuster video has just released a new service that will change the way we were forced to rent dvds and video games. It makes life so much more convenient I can’t believe it. I just get online anytime I hear from a friend about a good video I want to watch and […]

Using Nofollow tags

NoFollow tags are a great resource given to us by first Google and then supported by the other search engines. They give automated message boards, blogs, and other social media power to say that links are not trusted but the site that posted them. There is some question about whether the Search Engines still follow […]

Mortgage Quotes for dummies

Mortgage Quotes are a way for a person to get a specialized bid on how much their home will cost of the coarse of their lifetime. They vary by many conditions. Most of which are: credit score, capital (liquid assets, usually cash), collateral (things you own the investor or bank can take), income, debt to […]

SEO Link Building

I’ve been doing a lot of link building here lately. There are a lot of good blog directories now where you can add new blogs to and start getting some links to them. Getting referrals from these directories are few and far between but at least Google and Yahoo will start seeing your links and […]

Haunted Places, Hospitals, Houses

Haunted Places are very popular attractions around Halloween time. Many people attend haunted houses, forests, mansions, graveyards, hospitals, and mazes around the holidays. Most of these haunted places turn into a ghost town during the rest of the year but around October they become crawling with creepy ghouls, ghosts, goblins, chain saws, Frankensteins, squishy brains […]