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Returns Policy

Our Return Policy

If something is wrong with an order that was fulfilled by, we certainly want to help you. Please read the information below first and then contact us. If product is returned after this time we will notify you via email and hold it for 7 business days for your decision to pay for it's return to you or allow us to dispose of it how we deem necessary.

Basic Return Conditions

You may return most unused or open items sold by within the return period for refund or in-store credit. We cannot accept returned items after the return period has expired.

Return Policy Note: Many of our dried floral competitors don't allow returns so we try to be more flexible in this regard. Doing so requires us to be strict about our return period timeframe so we can get the product back in a resellable condition. Not getting it back during this time often leads to damage that can easily occur to our delicate natural products.   This damage can come in the form of: Moisture, bugs, animals, mold, etc.

30 day Return Timeframe

  • Inspection period - You have 7 calendar days from when the shipping carrier delivers your order to inspect it for damages, color, size, or other issues and contact us via our email contact form to let us know of your issue and/or intent to return.
  • Return period - Upon letting us know of your intent to return and receiving within the Inspection period you have 23 calendar days to return the package to us. 

Return Conditions

All returns must be pre approved and be given a Return Authorization Number (RAN) and correct return address to be accepted. Orders without this number will be refused and customer will have to pay shipping charges to receive them back. Please contact us within the inspection period to request a RAN number. This RAN number must be included on and in the shipment to allow us to accept your return. Orders returned without approval or inspection or return periods ending will be refused. 

Product Color and conditions Note: As with all natural items anyone sells.  The color and shape will not likely match the website picture exactly. The is normal and natural change in color or size  will not constitute an incorrect product. Each case will be different but if you are needing specific colors, size or shapes then a sample order will be your best option with a quick reorder noting your intentions on the order to match the previous product will setup communication that will allow us to help you succeed with your project.  Any order without this information will be determined if the product falls within the normal range of what we have and what it looks like compared to the website.  If a product is within the normal range then it will be the customers responsibility for the return costs.

Any order that does not meet any of the return steps can be refused without refund or credit.  Customer will be required to pay return shipping costs at that time to receive it back.  Partial in store credit may be provided manager approval up to 50% product value minus shipping charges and fees if the situation deem it necessary.

Return shipping costs are the customers cost unless the mistake was ours.

Return Steps

Steps for return - If for some reason you would like to return your order for whatever reason and it is within Inspection period you must:

  1. Email us within the inspection period to get a Return Authorization Number (RAN).   Note: We will most likely ask for pictures of the product and the box it shipped in so retain these until this process is complete.
  2. Package only original unopened product well to prevent damage to the item(s). Any product not received in original condition will be refused.
  3. Ship product back to address specified with your RAN approval within return period with RAN clearly marked on box and on inside paperwork.
  4. Product must be returned within Return period or it will not be eligible for refund.
  5. Make sure to retain copies of Tracking numbers used to return as we are not responsible for lost return packages.
  6. Once received returns will be processed within 7 business days of receipt and credit applied to method used such as: Credit Card, Paypal, or In store Credit.

Steps for a damaged product - If for some reason your package is damaged.  Then within inspection period you must:

  1. Let the carrier know of the damage immediately when you receive the package.
  2. Email us immediately notify us of the damage so we can get a damage claim started with the shipping carrier. This will help get the situation resolved with you as soon as possible.
  3. Please take pictures of the damaged product and box as we will ask for these upon reviewing your damage claim email.
  4. Keep original packing box, packaging material, and products until this process is complete.
  5. Be aware that the carrier may want to come and inspect the damage product and box before approving of the claim so we will need you to please provide us with good contact info for you in the chance they need to inspect the package and product.
    • We also may ask you to return the items to us for inspection. If your items are not shipped within 5 business days of this request the issue will be closed and refund refused.
    • Make sure to retain copies of Tracking numbers used to return as we are not responsible for lost return packages.
    • Once returned package is received it will be processed within 7 business days of receipt.  When approved then replacement order will be sent or credit applied in one of the following ways: Credit Card, Paypal, or In store Credit.
  6. If your item is found to be damaged beyond our normal acceptable product condition we will take care of the issue with replacement or discount to compensate for the issue.

Most of our products are completely natural or are made from natural products. As such we do our best to control nature and keep quality high but many of our dried natural products are meant to shed, break, or blow naturally. We will do our best to educate customers of each products differences but it is ultimately the customer's responsible to know how to minimize petal drop, shedding, breakage, or other problems that natural dried products tend to have. Please ask prior or view videos of people using the products you want to use so you are more informed when ordering.   Please contact us with pictures if you feel your product is beyond normal variances and we will be happy to review these with you.

Refunds will only be made to payment method used during the transaction. For example, a credit card or debit card transaction can only be refunded to the card that was used during the transaction. If you used a check or money order we can only offer you in store credit 60-90 days after the funds have cleared our bank account. If the original payment method cannot be refunded for some reason then in-store credit will be given.

A restocking fee of 15-30% may apply to returned orders.

Cancellation Policy

We may be able to cancel your order prior to it being packaged and shipped.  Please make this request via phone call or email if after hours.  Your order is not considered cancelled until we have been able to do so and inform you of the cancellation.  In the event that we can't cancel your order a cancellation and restocking fee of 15-20% will apply to that have been packaged.  

Non Returnable Items

We cannot accept returns of certain items, including:

  • Part cases or bulk discounted orders
  • Any item that has been opened or shows any sign of use or damage
  • Any item that is not in its original condition or is missing parts.
  • Any item that indicates that this item is not returnable on their product detail page.
  • Any item 27 inches or larger.
  • Any product missing the serial number or UPC or other packaging.
  • Any item that is painted or customized in any way.
  • Any item that is fresh or can spoil in any way.
  • Any item that is sold as clearance, overstock, or super low price sale item.
  • Any item passed the inspection period and return period

Returns Details and Frequently asked Questions:

Should I refuse a shipment I don't want.

No.  Refusing a shipment is considered a unauthorized return and subject to higher return fees. This also causes UPS and other carriers will bill us twice for refused shipments shipping which you will be responsible for. This will double the shipping charges and you may end up being billed for more shipping charges than the order was originally even if you had free shipping. These extra shipping charges will not be refunded unless it was our fault and we instructed you to refuse it.  Please always contact us before you refuse a shipment.

Can I do anything if my order is late because of weather or accidents?

Weather or other carrier delays may occur. No one can control the weather or if a carrier vehicle is in a accident.  If a package is delayed and does meet a deadline because of weather it is essentially no one’s fault. It can still be returned but shipping charges will not be refunded as we do not guarantee the weather or any unforeseen occurrences will not cause delays. Please order early than you need by at least one day so these delays and problems maybe minimized especially in winter.

Are you missing an item?

Check the packing slip that was included with your shipment. In order to fill your order quickly and efficiently with items already in stock at different fulfillment centers, we may have split your order into multiple shipments, which we would indicate on the packing slip. If this is the case, rest assured that you will not be charged any additional shipping costs beyond those you had originally authorized. Visit the relevant order summary in Your Account for estimated delivery dates for every shipment associated with your order.

Wondering where your order is?

If you have not yet received your order at all and think that you should have by now, visit the relevant order summary in Your Account. Here you will find updated availability information, estimated delivery dates, and even shipment tracking numbers when the carrier has made them available.


Please note that we are unable to exchange items but you can follow our steps to return your items and place a new order. 

Shipping Notes:

Returned orders will not be credited shipping costs unless approved.

Promotional Shipping and Returns Terms 

Free Shipping is a promotional discount that we apply to your order as long as you keep the terms of the promotion. If you return an item that lowers your order amount below our free shipping promotion amount or if you return more than 25% of your order that you received. Then your refund will not include the shipping costs of order to be originally shipped to you.  The shipping amount will be determined by the website shipping calculator or direct quote from the carrier. Whichever is more.

International Shipments

We do ship most of our products internationally and have good luck doing so most of the time but there are so many countries and customs regulations we do not guarantee our products will be accepted by a countries customs. We can help and we will only advise if our products have make it through a customer's customs in the past but cannot guarantee future shipments. The ultimate responsibility for the costs of customs, shipping, and product costs will always rest with the customer. If you don't know if your customs will accept our products you will need verify with your countries customs. Verify that you can import the products that you want and if you need any documentation to do so. We can help if you need more specific product names if your customs requires them.

In the event that your package(s) are rejected by your countries customs the shipping and product costs will be your responsibility. If you want a refund you will be required to return the product to us in a sellable condition. Upon receiving the product back we will inspect it and if it is in a sellable condition we will refund for the product only, not the shipping, minus a restocking fee up to 30% depending on the condition of the item(s).

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