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Decorative Wheat Bundles

What better way to create a beautiful home decorating theme than to use decorative wheat to accent your decor? Dried wheat captures the remarkable beauty of nature without the maintenance of taking care of it. Dried wheat sheaves are also perfect for many craft projects. Try our wheat stalks together to make a harvest or country wheat centerpiece or wedding centerpiece that will astonish your visitors.

Wheat bundles, Stalks, Stacks, and Rye Stalks are a great way to decorate for weddings, fall, and for country themes. Try our superbly farm grown wheat for all of your craft project needs. Try our wedding wheat to as centerpieces for your wedding tables.
Natural wheat is a beautiful accent to any home. Wheat bundles are a perfect way to bring some of this Mother Nature-made beauty inside. Arranged in a vase or tied in a bundle, golden wheat glistens in sunlight and adds simple charm to your home décor. Although a 100% natural product, wheat stalks can add elegance to your living spaces. Available in three color choices, naturally golden, blond, and a mixture of fall colors, these dry wheat bundles are a perfect accent to any theme. Dried Wheat will add some natural beauty to your home or project.
The large fall wheat stack bundles are approximately sixteen ounces each and the stems are extra long, making each wheat stack eighteen to twenty-four inches in total length. These large fall wheat stacks are easily arranged into centerpieces that can stand alone on a table. Wheat can also be placed in a vase, basket, or container alone or with other natural dried plants for a beautiful accent anywhere in your home. Golden wheat tied in classic bundles is a chic addition to any home decorating scheme.

Dried Wheat is also know as: dry wheat, wheat stalk, wheat sheaves, wheat sheave, sheaves of wheat, gold wheat, golden wheat, bundle of grain.
Dried Wheat Bunch - 8 oz blond Dried Wheat Bunch - 8 oz blond
Hot -59 %
Dried Wheat Bunch Wheat bunches can be braided or woven into wreaths or wall hangings. Available in short or long stems stalks, choose your desired quantity of fully ripened bunches of wheat stalks using the drop down menu options.Golden sun-dried wheat bunches are perfect for decorating in any sea..
$8.99 $21.99
Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz
Hot -48 %
Blackbeard Wheat bunches Enjoy the rustic natural beauty that a bouquet of Blackbeard Wheat offers.  These dried wheat stalks boasts heavy heads of golden grain and dark black florets, exclusive to the black beard variety of wheat. These bundles of dried and naturally preserved wheat are perfect fo..
$10.99 $20.99
Large Dried Wheat Bunches Large Dried Wheat Bunches
Hot -22 %
Large Dried Wheat Bunches Wheat Bundles make great wedding reception, bridal, charity event, or party centerpieces. They are a unique inexpensive centerpiece (center piece) to decorate your event and they show nature's beauty when decorating your table. Autumn is a time to celebrate the fullness of..
$20.99 $26.99
Extra Large Wheat Sheaves Extra Large Wheat Sheaves
Hot --319 %
Extra Large Wheat Sheave Golden sun-dried wheat sheaves make a unique addition to your country style decor. Symbolic of a bountiful harvest, these heavy-headed sheaves of wheat can be arranged in many ways to fit your home. Natural wheat sheaves make a great decoration that can be used for fall or ..
$221.99 $52.99
Large Dried Blackbeard Wheat Bunch Large Dried Blackbeard Wheat Bunch
-22 %
Large Dried Blackbeard Wheat Bunch These dried wheat bundles go beautifully with a flower bouquet, or even just as a center piece its self. This variety of natural wheat stalk is so popular and versatile- it is sure to lend the perfect touch to your home, special event or creative project. Whether ..
$20.99 $26.99
Triticum Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size
-20 %
Triticum wheat stacks Our dried wheat bunches are one of our favorite things to sell. Wheat stacks come ready to be beautiful anywhere you put them. Try them as easy centerpieces, corner pieces, or wall arrangements and you will love the results. They come ready to go. All you have to do is take th..
$27.99 $34.99
Blackbeard Wheat Stacks, Small - Grande Size
-20 %
Blackbeard wheat stacks Our wheat stacks are one of our favorite things to sell.  Wheat stacks come ready to be beautiful anywhere you put them. Try them as easy centerpieces, corner pieces, or wall arrangements and you will love the results. They come ready to go.  All you have to do is take them ..
$27.99 $34.99
Mixed Grain Wheat Bundle Mixed Grain Wheat Bundle
-20 %
Mixed Wheat Stack Bundle If you like our natural wheat stacks or our other wheat centerpieces you will love this mixed wheat stack. This bundle comes with everything you need to have a fabulous table decoration. Simply take the mixed wheat stack bundle out of its packing sleeve, remove the band aro..
$43.99 $54.99
Club Wheat Bundle
-55 % Out of Stock
Club Wheat Bundle Club Wheat has  a larger head than most wheat. This larger head separates it in look and from the rest of the longer smaller head look. The heads look are specifically grown to have an almost club like shape to the top head portion of the wheat. They are perfect for smaller arrang..
$8.99 $19.99
Decorative Grain Swag
-24 % Out of Stock
Grain/Wheat Decorative Swag Beautiful and easy to put this wheat swag on any wall. You can even hang this swag in the middle of your kitchen. This decorative herb swag is packaged in one box with each of the 5 bunches in a plastic sleeve with the raffia ties. Just remove the plastic sleeve and then..
$68.99 $90.99
Green Wheat Bundle - Dyed Green Wheat Bundle - Dyed
-67 % Out of Stock
Dyed Wheat Bundle Take mother nature and turn her wheat any color you like. Dyed to perfection this wheat is a green bundle (other colors available on site). Dyed Wheat looks great and can be used to decorate any home, office or wedding for a great country or natural look. Product: Dyed Wheat..
$7.99 $23.99
Large Dried Club Wheat Bunch - Blond 1lb bunch
-22 % Out of Stock
Large Dried Club Wheat Bunch Try one of our beautiful new dried club wheat bunches.  Custom made and exclusive to our store.  You will love using them for your centerpieces, events, bouquets, weddings, etc.  They are a perfect arrangement of the dried club wheat to make the event, home, or office r..
$17.99 $22.99
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