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Dried Leaves

Nothing captures the essence of autumn better than the beautiful colors of falling oak leaves. Curious Country Creations captures that beauty with real, preserved oak leaves.
These leaves are not imitation, paper, cloth, plastic, artificial, or silk. These leaves are real oak leaves captured in their perfect brilliant colorful splendor, and preserved for long lasting, true color beauty for your home or office decor.

These fall oak leaves are ready to be used in wreaths, swags, centerpieces, scattered on tables and mantles, in topiaries, cornucopias and other displays.

These Oak leaves come in fall colors and other colors that are brilliant and varied. These natural autumn leaves come in the bright green of early spring, to the darker summer green, and then into the fall colors. To compliment every season, there is also a beautiful bleached creamy winter white.

These dried and pliable glycerin preserved leaves add interest to fall decorations, and flow, along with their red and green counterparts, easily into any Holiday decorating theme. Use the lighter spring colors to decorate when the snow melts.

These preserved oak leaves are sold in one pound packages of leaves, still connected to their natural branches, for your decorating convenience. If you are using these fall leaves for a large window display, wedding decorations, or other event you can save even more by purchasing a full case of twenty five pounds of natural preserved oak leaves.

Scatter the beauty of the seasons throughout your house with a selection of natural preserved oak leaves that will keep their everlasting color! 
Preserved Fall Leaves on Branches
-56 %
Preserved Fall Leaf Branches Fall is just around the corner and what better decoration than fall leaves.  These leaves are still attached to the branches and are dried so their colors are preserved.  They are beautiful and will last and last.  Try some in a vase or just put them on a fireplace or t..
$6.99 $15.99
Dried Palm Leaf Bunch - Bulb Foliage Dried Palm Leaf Bunch - Bulb Foliage
-22 %
Dried Palm Leaf Bunches Our dried palm leaf bunches are chosen because of their high quality - they're then professionally dried and cleaned to be ready to use in your bouquets and arrangements right out of the box. These have a tropical feel and would be great decorations for a beach wedding/recep..
$24.99 $31.99
Natural Dried Integrifolia Bunch Natural Dried Integrifolia Bunch
New -21 %
Natural Dried Integrifolia BunchBeautiful natural Dried Integrifolia. Dried to last for years with very minimal shedding.Natural Integrifolia(coastal banksia), when dried, is a beautiful light green color with cream color on the back of the leaf. Dried Integrifolia can be added to fresh, dried, pres..
$10.99 $13.99
Lemon Leaf Plant Leaves (Dried Salal)
-56 %
Preserved Lemon Leaf (Salal) Bunches of dried lemon leaf make a wonderful filler and background foliage for wreaths, dried flower arrangements, table centerpieces, mantel decorations, or bouquets. These all-natural dried lemon leaf (salal) leaves have been preserved carefully so they will look beaut..
$6.99 $15.99
Dried Boxwood - Naturally Preserved
-48 %
Dried Boxwood Dried boxwood is perfect for wreaths, topiaries, arrangements, foliage arrangements. You will love the quality of our naturally dried and preserved boxwood in bulk. Preserved greenery will look good for years. Boxwood is Evergreen foliage that is perfect as filler for floral arrangeme..
$13.99 $26.99
Natural Integrifolia Wreath - 17 or 24 inches
New -21 %
Natural Dried Integrifolia WreathBeautiful natural Dried wreath.  Made to last for years.  You will love the look of this amazing wreath from all natural ingredients. Product: Natural Integrifolia WreathSize: 17 or 24 inchesType: dried and natural wreathShip Time: ..
$64.99 $81.99
Magnolia Leaves - Bulk Box
-23 %
Preserved and Dried Magnolia Leaves Preserved magnolia leaves make a wonderful filler and background foliage for wreaths, swags, dried flower arrangements, centerpieces, mantel decorations, or bouquets. These all-natural dried and preserved magnolia  leaves have been preserved carefully so they wil..
$45.99 $59.99
Painted Magnolia Leaves - Case Painted Magnolia Leaves - Case
-20 %
Preserved & Painted Magnolia Leaves    Product: Preserved Magnolia Leaves - Colors Painted: Gold, Bronze, Nickel (Silver) Amount: 10pc per package, 12 packages per case Case Option: Sold only as a discount case at this time.  *Case Note: Sold only as a full case right now.  Please ask if..
$99.99 $124.99
Preserved Leatherleaf (leather leaf)
-38 %
Decorative Leatherleaf The leatherleaf fern is a true staple among florists. This is the fern that is tucked in with most floral bouquets to enhance the presentation of the flowers used in the bouquet. Leatherleaf fern fills out the bouquet with its exquisite lace-like greenery.  Our preserved leat..
$15.99 $25.99
Dried Harvest tone Oak Leaves (1 LB Preserved leaves) Dried Harvest tone Oak Leaves (1 LB Preserved leaves)
-38 %
Natural Dried and Preserved Harvest Tone Oak Leaves for Decorations These beautiful harvest tone oak leaves blend the ending of summer with the colors of fall. The oak leaves sport a beautiful array of fall colors, ranging from the summer's end green, to the beautiful yellows, reds and oranges of a..
$17.99 $28.99
Dried Autumn Oak Leaves (1 LB Preserved leaves) Dried Autumn Oak Leaves (1 LB Preserved leaves)
-38 %
Natural Dried and Preserved Autumn Gold Oak Leaves for Decorations These natural, preserved oak leaf branches of yellow gold blending through orange into red are a feast for the eye. The fall colors in these oak leaves remind one of harvest time, bonfires, wheat fields, haystacks, good food and fam..
$17.99 $28.99
Preserved Green (Chartreuse) Oak Leaves (1 LB dried leaves)
-31 %
Natural Preserved Green Oak Leaves for Decorations The oak leaves can be beautifully put to use as they come, naturally, on their branches. They make an elegant display on their own. Each preserved oak leaf is also easily pulled from the branch to use singly. Singly, the chartreuse spring oak leave..
$19.99 $28.99
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