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About US was started in 2004 in Idaho as a college project and has always been run as a family business.  We started out selling one item we had a lot of in Idaho and that was tumbleweeds.  We have since branched out to sell over 600 different dried plants, flowers, branches, pods and wheat, all with the dried natural products theme.  Growth has come quickly for us but we are still a family owned business.  We now have added additional people who help out in many capacities.  

We encourage an environment of customer service and helping out the customers you won't find anywhere else. Our customer service agents, when they can, will help you pick out items for your wedding, event, home, or party and give you their professional advice. They are not just order-takers; they have knowledge of the products and how they are best displayed or paired together.

We still specialize in exclusive dried plants for beautiful decorations in your home, office or for various events. Our products are sure to add the perfect touch. Whether your home decor is country themed, sophisticated, or simple, our versatile products are sure to provide the look you desire. Try some of our dried plants today for the perfect decorations for your beautifully decorated home or space.

Most of our dried plants will last many years with just some minimal care, so try them now and keep them for years to come. You will be glad you did!  

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