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Tumbleweeds For Sale

  Tumbleweeds are a classic sight in the American West. At the end of a growing season, the mature plants detach themselves from their roots and roll with the wind, spreading their seeds far and wide. In the spring when the temperatures are right, the tumbleweed seeds send out roots and if they find enough moisture they grow fast and tall, but in a unique ball shape so that they in turn can tumble across the desert prairie. On windy summer days it sometimes seems that the whole desert is moving, a rolling living thing. Prairie tumbleweeds bound across your path… or, in this day and age, tumble across the freeway as you’re driving along. Tumbleweeds (Tumble weeds) an are unmistakably a trademark of the West. Great to use with dried grasses or pine cones for decorations.

Tumbleweed History

The classic Tumbleweeds made famous by cowboy and western movies from Hollywood is actually not a native of the American West. Known as the Russian Thistle, the tumbleweed actually emigrated from the prairies of Mongolia. One theory is that some of the seeds hitched a ride with a shipment of grain. Another theory is that tumbleweed seeds used their spiny shells to attach to burlap bags and were carried to America and then were transported westward on the rail lines. When the cargo was unloaded, the tumbleweed seeds fell onto the newly broken ground around the train tracks and found the optimal place to grow. Russian Thistle is a hardy plant that grows in areas where the ground has been disturbed and nothing else has grown yet. They can grow where there is a high salt content in the soil and very little water present.

They've earned themselves the scientific name Salsola because of this ability to grow in salty areas. However they got here, the tumbleweed has found a home in the American West, much to the dismay of farmers and ranchers who find the weeds pesky and annoying as they are now ever-present and choke the ability of other plants to grow. Rumor has it that in Russia there are a plethora of rabbits that eat the sprouts of tumbleweed plants, thus reducing the number of plants that actually reach maturity. Unfortunately none of these rabbits were brought on the emigration, and although cattle, horses, sheep and rodents will eat the young plants if other food sources are not available, there are too many tumbleweeds spreading their seeds across the country to keep their population in check.

Baby Tumbleweeds Baby Tumbleweeds
Hot -22 %
Baby Tumbleweed Buy our Baby Sized tumbleweeds measuring 12 inches or smaller Note -- We can get the cute smaller tumbleweeds for the same price if you request this in your order comments. These tumbleweeds are perfect for anyone that wants to have something fun around to decorate or have as..
$24.99 $31.99
Large Country Tumbleweed Large Country Tumbleweed
Hot -21 %
Large Tumbleweed One Large country tumbleweed measuring 12-18 inches is perfect for anyone that wants to have something fun around to decorate or have as a conversation piece. Get one as a gift for the person that has everything. This Large size would be great to buy several and place them together..
$30.99 $38.99
Giant Western Tumbleweed
Hot -20 %
Giant Western Tumbleweed Giant Western Tumbleweeds straight from the western frontier to your decorative garden. The Giant size measures at least 18-24 inches. A great decorative addition to any country western themed holiday, party, or occasion. They are great to add to western parties, restaurant..
$42.99 $53.99
Gigantic Country Tumbleweed
-21 %
Gigantic Tumbleweed This Gigantic sized tumbleweed is guaranteed to move in the wind measuring 30+ inches (or bigger) this one will get your attention crossing the highway. These truly country plants are fun and decorative for any time. Try them painted for a fun Christmas tree that you can decorat..
$56.99 $71.99
Tumbleweed Snowman Tumbleweed Snowman
-20 %
Tumbleweed Snowman Don't have snow? Tired of the same old Christmas without any hope of a snowfall to build a snowman in site? Try the next best thing! A tumbleweed snowman can be one of the most fun holiday traditions for your family. It is easy to create one of these eye-catching figures on your ..
$85.99 $107.99
Sagebrush Plant
-38 %
Sagebrush Plant for Sale (Sage Brush, Sage Bush) These Sagebrush branches can be used to give your home a nice country look! Sagebrush branches are unique and look amazing in western photo shoots. These sagebrush branches bring back memories and history of cattle drivers, gunslinger, and pioneers...
$36.99 $59.99
Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed Parts Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed Parts
-22 %
Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed Parts tumbleweeds that have been hit by a bus, truck, or other motor vehicles. They are Road Kill tumbleweeds that didn't get away. Don't just decorate with nature. Make up a hilarious story about how this tumbleweed is the one that didn't get away. Tie it to yo..
$13.99 $17.99
Christmas Tumbleweed Christmas Tumbleweed
-21 % Out of Stock
Christmas Tumbleweed Tumbleweeds make a great Christmas time decoration tradition. Line your walkway with some of these wonderful western plants. All you need is a battery powered tea light for each of your holiday tumbleweeds. Just stake them down if they try to get away. Best if painted white, s..
$36.99 $46.99
Ginormous Tumbleweed
-20 % Out of Stock
Ginormous Tumbleweed Our Ginormous sized tumbleweed measure 40-44 inches and are the biggest tumbleweeds that we have to offer. These truly country plants are a fun way to decorate for a country western themed holiday, party or occasion. Add twinkle lights into the tumbleweed and hang from the ce..
$122.99 $153.99
Thornless Tumbleweeds
-29 % Out of Stock
Thornless Tumbleweed Normal tumbleweeds have thorns and are not suited to all occasions. For these times we a very similar product that is often mistaken for traditional tumbleweeds. These thornless tumbleweeds are perfect for anyone that wants to have something fun around to decorate or have as a ..
$24.99 $34.99
Tumbleweed Seeds Tumbleweed Seeds
-35 % Out of Stock
Tumbleweed seeds Grow your very own Tumbleweed with our high quality natural tumbleweed seeds. All of our Tumbleweed seeds are naturally grown and harvested. Take these seeds and plant in your garden or window box and see the magic happen as your own tumbleweeds will begin to grow and take shape. ..
$12.99 $19.99
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