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Product that have been discontinued or are currently sold out for long term.  If you see products here you would like us to work on bringing back into stock please let us know.  We will be happy to try to help you find it. If we get enough requests we will be happy to find a new supply and help you.

10 Inch Metal Wire Wreath Clamp
-25 % Out of Stock
Metal Wreath Clamp - 10 Inch Metal wreath rings make creating a wreath a super fast and super easy job.Excellent for first time wreath makers.   Just place your dried flower or branches between the clamps and bend the clamps down tight with your fingers or a small pliers if you like.  Continue thi..
$14.99 $19.99
101 Things To Do With A Potato Cookbook
-21 % Out of Stock
101 Things To Do With A Potato Cookbook Savory, sweet, and simple spud recipes from the author of the New York Time Best-Selling Cookbook 101 Things to Do With A Cake Mix! This cookbook 101 Things To Do With A Potato contains a table of contents, helpful hint and over 100 delicious recipes for Pot..
$14.99 $18.99
12 Idaho Potatoes
-20 % Out of Stock
Twelve Idaho Potatoes One dozen real Idaho sized potatoes not like the ones bought in the store. These are the ones that are shipped to restaurants make the huge french fries, potato chips, scalloped potatoes, and to put into potato soup. You cannot find potatoes this big and this good at the store..
$23.99 $29.99
6 Idaho Spuds
-22 % Out of Stock
Six Large Idaho Potatoes Six real Idaho sized potatoes just like the ones that are shipped to gourmet restaurants to make the huge French fries, potato chips, scalloped potatoes, and other delicious potato recipes. You cannot find potatoes this big and this good at the store. The only place to fin..
$13.99 $17.99
Austriaca Pine Cones - Gold Painted Holiday
-20 % Out of Stock
Austriaca Stemmed Pine Cones Austriaca pine cones are the perfect size for making crafts, putting in decorative vases, or making pine cone arrangements. They are beautiful and carefully stemmed. They are the best that mother nature has to offer. Cleaned and ready to use. Product: Austriaca Pi..
$73.99 $92.99
Awesome Dried Feather Grass
-28 % Out of Stock
Awesome Dried Feather Grass Dried Feather grass is beautiful, tall, and such a perfect natural color.  Use it for great floor vase filler and consider adding other branches for even more fun.  This blond grass has naturally droopy feather heads that are delicate but very soft and interesting to vie..
$12.99 $17.99
Babys Breath Wreath - Gypsophila Wreath
-39 % Out of Stock
Baby's Breath Wreath - Gypsophila Baby's breath wreaths or gypsophila wreaths are perfect wreaths for a wall or indoor door decorations.  Try adding other dried flowers to customized them for any occasion. Try painting them white for a wonderful wedding decoration as a wall or centerpiece. Anyway y..
$18.99 $30.99
Barked Willow Branches - Bark Willows Branch
-33 % Out of Stock
 Barked Willow Large Bunch Barked willow also know as bark willow to some is a imported willow.  Barked willow is huge at 6-7 feet tall and is great for a natural look that you only find in the finer homes around the country.  These willow branches are an amazing color and go well in a variety of ..
$379.99 $569.99
Bayou Grass - Dried Green or Natural Bayou Grass - Dried Green or Natural
-38 % Out of Stock
Dried Bayou Grass Great for Dried Floral Arrangements, Nature scenes. Works perfect with other grasses, grains and cattails. Bayou grass as with other dried grasses are great to work with and make great vase fillers, framed art, and beautiful fillers for around other dried plants, pods, and dried f..
$12.99 $20.99
Beardless Wheat Wreath - 19 inch
-21 % Out of Stock
Beardless Wheat Wreath Get rid of that boring door.  Spice it up with a wheat wreath.  Try a beardless wheat wreath above your fireplace mantel.  You can't go wrong where you put a naturally beautiful wheat wreath.  Color: Light Green Beard: None (No Hairlike top to the wheat) Size:  19" ..
$60.99 $76.99
Beautiful Pod Ting Ting Bouquet
-36 % Out of Stock
Beautiful Pod Ting Ting Bouquet Beautiful Pod Ting Ting Bouquets are perfect for your home or a centerpiece or for a whole wedding or event. They are already made and ready to go so all you have to do is put them in a vase or container. These bouquets would also look great laid down on a table as a..
$13.99 $21.99
Berry Birch Branches - Green
-27 % Out of Stock
Berry Birch Branches - Green The Birch tree is known for its beauty. From the meridian of time birch branches have been an important part of many celebrations where the branches are the main decoration in both home and church. Birch branches have also been a lasting symbol of love, with sweethearts..
$15.99 $21.99
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