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Product that have been discontinued or are currently sold out for long term.  If you see products here you would like us to work on bringing back into stock please let us know.  We will be happy to try to help you find it. If we get enough requests we will be happy to find a new supply and help you.

Miniature straw bales - 13 inch Miniature straw bales - 13 inch
Hot -58 % Out of Stock
Natural Straw Bales These decorative miniature sraw bales are made from real farm grown stalks of grain, naturally dried by the sun after harvest. Professionally compressed to be a 100% authentic replica of the real thing, these miniature bales of straw tied with baling wire are the perfect accent ..
$10.99 $25.99
Mixed Grain Wheat Bundle 2
-40 % Out of Stock
Mixed Wheat Stack Bundle 2 If you like our natural wheat stacks or our other wheat centerpieces you will love this mixed wheat stack.  This bundle comes with everything you need to have a fabulous table decoration. Simply take the mixed wheat stack bundle out of its packing sleeve, remove the band..
$29.99 $49.99
Moss Globe 18
-72 % Out of Stock
Moss Globes Lovely moss covered metal globes for home or office decor.  Lovely on a covered porch, table top or display case, these moss globes are just the ticket for a professional decorator touch.  We guarantee it. Product: Moss Globe Amount: 2 Moss Globes per Order Width: 18 inch ..
$35.99 $129.99
Moss Obelisk - 48 inch high - 2 per Order
-39 % Out of Stock
Moss Obelisk Moss Obelisks are great for events, parties, or corners of your home.  Moss Obelisks allow you to decorate an entry way, walk way, or any space with green and beauty.  They are the perfect size and shape for any occasion.  Try with other moss items we have and perfectly coordinate you..
$85.99 $140.99
Moss Wire - Green 75 feet
-39 % Out of Stock
Green Moss Wire No matter what the project, from floral arranging, wreath making, jewelry manufacture, to decorating vases, vines, or archways, Moss wire is a must have.  This fantastic creation of wire that is covered with moss (and/or moss looking organic material) is easy to work with and gives..
$16.99 $27.99
Moss Wire Basket Set - Square
-53 % Out of Stock
Moss Wire Basket Set This three piece nesting basket set makes a lovely display on its own, or can be filled with decorative dried flowers or other home decor to make a wonderful focal point.  Use them for special holiday displays or for any home or office decor. Product: Moss Wire Basket Se..
$32.99 $69.99
Natural Pod Ting Floral Bouquet
-40 % Out of Stock
Natural Pod Ting Floral Bouquet Natural Pod Ting Ting Bouquets are perfect for your home or a centerpiece or for a whole wedding or event. They are already made and ready to go so all you have to do is put them in a vase or container. These bouquets would also look great laid down on a table as a ..
$11.99 $19.99
Natural Spanish Moss Wreath Base - 12
-46 % Out of Stock
Natural Spanish Moss Wreath Base Use this beautiful Spanish Moss wreath base to make your own beautiful wreath for you door wall or table centerpiece.  You can use this wreath as it or add your own ideas and dried flowers to customize it for you taste and home.  It is already covered with Spanish ..
$12.99 $23.99
Palm Bloom Flower Stick
-46 % Out of Stock
Palm Bloom Flower Stick Palm bloom flower sticks are a made of natural products that are put together in a most interesting way. These palm blooms flowers are beautiful from every angle and will last a very long time. You will be impressed by their look and won't believe they are each handmade. Tr..
$6.99 $12.99
Pastel Flowers Bouquet
-48 % Out of Stock
 Pastel Flowers Bouquet Taking some of Mother Nature's most brightly colored flowers, naturally air drying them, and then combining them into one bouquet makes a beautiful statement wherever it is seen. This long lasting dried bouquet will be a bright spot on a table as a centerpiece, in a bedroom..
$12.99 $24.99
Pastel Kiwi Vine
-61 % Out of Stock
Pastel Kiwi Vine Kiwi vine is the closest thing to modern decorative art that Mother Nature provides!  Kiwi is a wood vine that grows twisted and curved into beautiful sculpture.  We have cut, dried and prepared interesting bouquets of kiwi vine that can be a natural work of art for  display on a ..
$8.99 $22.99
Pastel Straight Ting Ting  --  Easter TingTing
-53 % Out of Stock
Pastel Straight Ting Ting Holiday Ting Ting is a natural plant that has been preserved and dyed, painted, or covered in glitter, making it perfect for crafting and decorating. Available in numerous colors, ting ting is sure to add the perfect touch to any floral arrangement, centerpiece, craft p..
$6.99 $14.99
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