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Super Low Price Sale Items

Super Low Price Sale Items is our discount product category, for items that we have in our warehouse that are hugely overstocked. Many of these items we purchased from other businesses that went bankrupt or imported too much, we purchased these items in huge semi-truck loads at a discount price from the bank. Now our inventory is so large that we don't have enough space in our warehouse for everything, so we are selling these largely overstocked items at all time low prices to make space for other items. Also, buying these items in bulk, or by the case price, will give you an even bigger discount! The items in this category range from items that would make great fillers in your bouquets or arrangements to items that are stand alone items.
Our Dried Centaurea Pod - Closed would be a great addition to a project that may need a delicate pop of color or try our Dried Palm Roses in a vase by themselves for a unique bouquet. Simply fill a decorative jar or bowl to go on your table, shelf, mantle or entryway with the Assorted Decorative Sea Shells, Assorted Decorative Bowl Fillers, or our Gold Beaded Lata Balls. Our wide range of products, are a great way to make a fun project for the kids by letting them pick our and create their own masterpieces. Products and prices are subject to change at any time so purchase today and take advantage of these amazing deals. Try some of these high quality natural products today at these super low prices and we know you'll want to come back for more!
Multiple Lotus Pod on Stem - 3 high
-50 %
Lotus Pods stemmed 3 high Dried lotus pods are amazing. They look great and add such a great depth and sophistication to any arrangement. They are very popular and it is easy to see why. There is only one thing that could be better than that and that is to go 3 high. Each one of these lotus pod ste..
$6.99 $13.99
Latta Balls with Beads
-50 %
Lata Balls with Beads These Lata balls are beaded in a fun way to brighten up any room and give it a golden touch with its sparkling beads. Their size makes them convenient to put pretty much in any space of your home you desire. Just set them in vase or bowl and they are good to go! Produc..
$5.99 $11.99
Dried Bunny Tails Grass - Bleached
-23 %
Dried Bunny Tails Grass - Bleached Bunny tails also add a wonderful texture to a mixed grain bouquet. Simply mix wheat, oats, rice or flax, millet and bunny tails to make an outstanding centerpiece. Bunny tails also make a unique addition to any dried or fresh floral bouquet. They never need wateri..
$16.99 $21.99
Painted, Tipped, Stemmed Pine Cones
-29 %
Painted Tipped and Glittered Pine Cones Awesome pine cones all ready to be used in any arrangement or decor.  These pine cones have their tips painted, glittered and beaded.  They look amazing and are just the right thing for any arrangement.  You will love them. We Guarantee it. ..
$4.99 $6.99
Decorative Mini Oats - Dried Decorative Mini Oats - Dried
-53 % Out of Stock
Dried Mini Oats Dried Mini Oats or Sea Oats are a beautiful grain.  They are great by themselves in a corner vase or make great fillers.  Tie some with raffia or burlap and put them on a fireplace mantel.  They are so beautiful I don't think you can go wrong with this product.  You are going to lov..
$6.99 $14.99
Decorative Natural Twig Wreath
-57 % Out of Stock
Natural Twig Wreath Beautiful Natural Twig Wreath for your door, wall or centerpiece.  They are beautiful and ready to decorate with.  They are made to last and you will love the look they give your house. Try a Natural Twig Wreath today. Product: Natural Twig Wreath Size: 18 in..
$19.99 $45.99
Dried Bleached Yarrow flower Bunches
-50 % Out of Stock
Bleached Dried Yarrow Yarrow flowers have often been grown and cultivated for its ability to withstand drought and remain beautiful and vibrant. Generally white in color, yarrow is also grown naturally in brilliant yellow. When it comes to adding color to a wreath, flower, dried decor arrangement,..
$7.99 $15.99
Dried Chinese Puzzle Branches
-46 % Out of Stock
Dried Chinese Puzzle Branches Dried Chinese puzzle is an amazing light green branch with stripes. It is fun because it has twisted ends that try to tangle the other branches which can be pulled apart easily without too much effort or damage contrary to what the name suggests. Chinese puzzle branch..
$6.99 $12.99
Dried Deco Branch - Gold 3-4ft Dried Deco Branch - Gold 3-4ft
-47 % Out of Stock
Dried Deco Branch Dried Deco Branches are a great tree branch used for decorations.  Take some and use for your next event, party, or play.  You will love using the in  your home or office in a classy vase.  Try some mixed with other branches and flowers.  Anyway you use th..
$8.99 $16.99
Dried Deco Branch - Silver 3-4ft Dried Deco Branch - Silver 3-4ft
-47 % Out of Stock
Dried Deco Branch Dried Deco Branches are a great tree branch used for decorations.  Take some and use for your next event, party, or play.  You will love using the in  your home or office in a classy vase.  Try some mixed with other branches and flowers.  Anyway you use them you will fall in love ..
$8.99 $16.99
Dried Iris Pods
-42 % Out of Stock
Dried Iris Pods Dried Iris pods are the beautiful dried part of the iris flower. The long pods open at top and show a 3 leaf clover shape with the petals spreading out slightly. They are perfect for adding some depth and yellow color to your arrangements. Dried Iris pods still look like a flower an..
$6.99 $11.99
Dried Italian Ferns - Large Size
-44 % Out of Stock
Dried Italian Ferns Fronds Try our Dried Italian Ferns. You will love framing them, putting them in a vase, or on a wall. They are high quality and dried to perfection. You will love them. We Guarantee it. Product: Dried Italian Fern Frond Bunches Size: Large Amount: 1 bunch of each color..
$8.99 $15.99
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