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Sugar Pine Cones Seconds - Very Long Pine cones
-41 %
Sugar Pine Cones Seconds Cleaned and all natural. Sugar Pine Cones perfect for craft projects, bird feeders pine cones, and lots of fun for your family or event. They are huge measuring usually between 9-18 inches long. They are the longest pine cones and are wonderful to just place on a mantel ov..
$19.99 $33.99
Dried Pomegranates (Enhanced) Dried Pomegranates (Enhanced)
-20 %
 Dried Pomegranates (Whole) for Decorating A fun addition to a pomegranate garland, wreath, or floral display, these dried and preserved pomegranates add a splash of vivid color.  Pomegranates have a natural color that ranges from bright red to nearly burgundy. Dried pomegranates are a unique produ..
$98.99 $123.99
Jeffries Large Pine Cones (PineCones) Jeffries Large Pine Cones (PineCones)
-20 %
Jeffrey Pine Cones Cleaned and all natural very large pine cones perfect for large pine cone projects. They are large fat pine cones that are tall but also wide giving them a more round to oblong shape.  Each Jeffrey pine cone is unique and perfect from mother nature. They are magnificent and rese..
$69.99 $87.99
Mini Straw Bales - 2.5 inch (2 per bag) Mini Straw Bales - 2.5 inch (2 per bag)
Hot -27 %
Mini Straw Bales Decorative mini hay bales are a great way to decorate for weddings, celebrations, country themed parties, or many other special occasions. Naturally dried by the sun before harvest. Professionally compressed to be a 100% miniature hay bale authentic replica of the real thing, these..
$7.99 $10.99
Dried Garden Parade Flower Bouquet - XL
-21 %
Dried Garden Parade Bouquet - XLTaking some of Mother Nature's most brightly colored flowers, naturally air drying them, and then combining them into one bouquet that makes a beautiful statement wherever it is seen. This long lasting dried bouquet will be a bright focal point on a table as a centerp..
$32.99 $41.99
Sola Gardenia Flower Sola Gardenia Flower
-22 %
Sola Gardenia FlowerHighest quality handmade wood flowers available on the market.  They will make your arrangements pop. Use them natural or dye them and customize the color to suit your every event or need.  It is super easy to add wire stems to them. Don't be intimidated as this is so e..
$6.99 $8.99
Austriaca Pine Cones Austriaca Pine Cones
-33 %
Austriaca Pine Cones Austriaca pine cones are the perfect size for making crafts, putting in decorative jars, or making pine cone garlands. They are beautiful and carefully picked from the best mother nature has to offer. Cleaned and ready to use. Product: Austriaca Pine Cones Amount: 100 aust..
$39.99 $59.99
Decorative Birch Branches For Sale Decorative Birch Branches For Sale
Hot -38 %
Decorative Birch Branches What better way to accent your craft project, floral arrangement, or holiday theme than with natural birch branches? Purchase several bunches and place them alone in a vase for a stunning accent display, or add them to a centerpiece, bouquet, wreath or other home decoratin..
$9.99 $15.99
Dried Pineapple Button Flowers Dried Pineapple Button Flowers
-20 %
Dried Pineapple Button Flowers Pineapple buttons are an exciting flower with a small straw flower like stem. They look like little pineapples on this small stem and are as cute as they are beautiful. Use them anywhere you would use straw flowers or other small flowers to fill and accent bigger pods..
$19.99 $24.99
Dried Wheat Bunch - 8 oz blond Dried Wheat Bunch - 8 oz blond
Hot -59 %
Dried Wheat Bunch Wheat bunches can be braided or woven into wreaths or wall hangings. Available in short or long stems stalks, choose your desired quantity of fully ripened bunches of wheat stalks using the drop down menu options.Golden sun-dried wheat bunches are perfect for decorating in any sea..
$8.99 $21.99
Fountain Grass - Dried Fountain Grasses Fountain Grass - Dried Fountain Grasses
-22 %
Ornamental Dried Fountain Grass Fountain grass is amazing living or dried in tall vases or arrangements.  Our dried ornamental fountain grass is perfect to put in a decorative tall vase for your home decor.  It is also great for office decor and any arrangement with grasses or dried wheat involved..
$20.99 $26.99
Lavender Buds Extra - ​Extra Mix lavender buds - Bulk Bag of Lavender Flowers Lavender Buds Extra - ​Extra Mix lavender buds - Bulk Bag of Lavender Flowers
Hot -77 %
Lavender Buds in Bulk Extra Mix We have some of the finest Lavender buds available.  They are fresh and fragrant and perfect for lavender organza bags, sachets, potpourri, soap making, wedding lavender, and so much more. Our Lavender is sold in 1 lb or bulk lavender bag(s) and 4 oz  laven..
$6.99 $29.99
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