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Dried Moss

Our Dried Moss is a must have for many projects that you may be working on. Dried Moss is a great finishing item to your potpourri, wreath or hanging basket. The possibilities for the uses of Dried Moss are endless! Try our Decorative Moss Balls as a base for making a topiary or a domed floral display, use them as vase or jar fillers either on their own or mixed in with other flowers or even potpourri. Preserved Reindeer Moss is an excellent way to add texture and extra color, and will also help hold moisture in to the soil of potted plants by simply tucking them around the base. Reindeer Moss is also an excellent addition to wreaths and topiaries.
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Dried Sheet Moss - Natural Bulk Box

Dried Sheet Moss - Natural Bulk Box

Dried Sheet Moss Box - 1.18 cu ft box, naturally driedĀ  4.4 lbsĀ 

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$69.99  $42.99
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Dried Sheet Moss - Preserved Bulk Box

Dried Sheet Moss - Preserved Bulk Box

Preserved Sheet Moss Box - 1.18 cu ft box, naturally preserved,  3.4 lbs to 4.4lbs

$269.99  $109.99
Save: 59% off

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Dried Moss Assortment

Dried Moss Assortment

Dried Moss Assortment - 6-8 oz bag of assorted mosses

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$21.99  $9.99
Save: 55% off

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Making homemade moss terrariums is a fun project for you, and even the kids, by making your own ecosystem that is sustained fully by itself, and our Dried Spanish Moss is a great addition! Our Mosscoat Curly Willow Topiary Ball makes an striking addition to your bookshelves, cupboards or in a decorative bowl on your dining room table or entryway. Use our Dried Moss Mat to cover the roof of a homemade "fairy house" or try our Moss on Rocks to make a fairy pathway or anything else that your imagination can come up with! If you're looking for something to add texture and color to your patio or trellis, try our Large Moss Container as its unique shape is eye catching and one of a kind. Whether for long term in a dried arrangement or live, our Dried Moss is sure to fit your needs. Try some of our Dried Moss in your home or office today, we know you will love it!
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