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Beach Decorations

Beach Decorations straight from the beach to your home, beach house, travel trailer, or office. All the items in our Beach Decoration section will look good for years to come in any arrangement that you put them in. Any of the items from this section would look beautiful at a beach wedding, wedding with a beach theme, or any seaside party. Try our Seashore Beach Wheat Cone Bundle to make your bridal bouquets, to line the aisle or to use as centerpieces on tables. Our Dried Starfish Stemmed can be used in wreaths, bouquets or any other decorations. These items would be a great way to decorate a beach house by keeping that sea life that you love, in your home.
We have multiple beach themed wreaths that would look great on any door, banister or mantle, or could even be used as beautiful centerpieces at any party by simply placing a candle or any other sea life decorations in to the middle. Fill a mason jar or vase with our Assorted Decorative Sea Shells for a small touch that would look great on the counter in a powder room, as book ends on your shelf, or in your entryway. Does going to the beach require travel? Re-do that dark dingy travel trailer to a bright white, airy, beach themed trailer that your whole family will love spending time in. Whether you decide to go with the beach theme for one room or your entire home, our Beach Decorations are sure to be a winner! Try some Beach Decorations from the ocean today!
Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges
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Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges Luffa sponges are a natural sponge made from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant.  Loofah gourds have been used for decades as decorations.  Luffa sponges also are a great way to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to be soft agai..
$5.99 $14.99
Cut Palm Frond Leaves - Colors Cut Palm Frond Leaves - Colors
-24 %
Dried Cut Palm Fronds Perfect for any decoration.  These leaves come with their own natural beauty.  Use these cut palm fronds in a beach theme house, wedding, party.  Anyway you use them they will look great.    Product: Cut Palm Frond Leaves - Colors Type: Preserved Fronds, Indoor us..
$12.99 $16.99
Driftwood Pieces For Sale - Large Driftwood Pieces For Sale - Large
-52 %
Driftwood Pieces - Large Driftwood is a great medium for all your decorating and crafting needs. It makes a great base and each driftwood piece is unique and special. We have picked out the best driftwood for you and it is dried and free from pests. It is ready to us out of the box for your center..
$28.99 $59.99
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