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Birch Branches

Dried Birch Branches for sale

There is something rustic, beautiful and rugged about birch branch decor.  The natural beauty of decorative birch branches lends a country flair to any decorating theme.  Birch branches are naturally dark colored and uniquely branching.  Even a few stems of our birch branches for sale can make a full arrangement in a vase because of the many branches that divide from each stem. 

If you love the outdoors, use birch branch decor to decorate inside your home.  Their natural beauty will add a woodsy touch to any room, and is sure to compliment your other home decor. 

Any way you choose to use these many varieties and colors of birch branches for sale you are sure to enjoy the effect they have on your room or event.

Natural birch branches with berries make a great decoration for any season.  Red and green berry birch looks like the branches are ready to burst forth with blossoms and leaves in spring and summer.  Bittersweet orange berry birch looks like changing autumn leaves or bright summer flowers. 

Birch trees are beautiful in any season, but they are especially glamorous in winter.  We have captured that beauty in our Frosted Crystal Birch branches that look like frost fairies have just coated the branches in a layer of frosty snow.  Ice Crystal Birch Branches appear to have been preserved after a freezing snow storm.  The artificial ice crystals glitter, catch and reflect light in a way that is sure to mesmerize.  These birch branches for sale do not need any companions in a vase or bundled with ribbon, but they can also be added to other floral arrangements, centerpieces or wreaths for a great accent.

Decorating for a wedding is made easy with Glittered Birch Branches or White Birch Branches.  Fabric or Paper blossoms or flowers can be attached to the stems in any color from your palette.  LED lights can be strung in the birch branch decor for a beautiful effect.  Shorter birch branch tips can be used easily on tabletops as centerpieces or additions to bouquets.

Dried Birch Branch Tips
-50 % Out of Stock
Dried Birch Branch Tips Birch Branch Tips are great for any place you would use regular birch branches but birch branch tips are shorter and work better for adding to arrangements that are not as tall. Try birch branch tips in a vase or tie several bunches together in the middle with raffia to make..
$6.99 $13.99
Frosted Crystal Birch Branches
-20 % Out of Stock
Frosted Crystal Birch Branches This birch branch is the in between size between full crystals on birch branches and very fine glittered birch. It looks like small crystal of varying rectangular shapes. These frosted birch have many uses in centerpiece arrangements and for wall or corner arrangemen..
$429.99 $539.99
Ice Crystal Birch Branches Ice Crystal Birch Branches
-21 % Out of Stock
Ice Crystal Birch Branches Ice Crystal Birch makes a fabulous addition to your home decor, wedding decorations, dried or fresh floral arrangements and craft projects.Their lace like natural beauty makes a stunning display all on their own. Added to a floral arrangement, ice crystal birch is a crow..
$21.99 $27.99
Long Decorative White Birch Poles - 8 ft long
-35 % Out of Stock
Decorative White Birch Poles For Sale Shipping Note: Shipping not included with product price.  Must ship via pallet on freight truck. Decorative White Birch Poles are the perfect addition to add style to any decor. These white birch logs for sale come 8 feet long, with diameters of 1-6  inches. G..
$99.99 $154.99
White Birch Poles - 4 ft - For Sale - Decorative
-41 % Out of Stock
Decorative White Birch Poles For Sale Shipping Note: Now product included in free shipping. Decorative White Birch Poles are the perfect addition to add style to any decor. These white birch logs for sale come 4 feet long, with diameters of 1-6  inches. Great uses of birch poles include: branches ..
$99.99 $169.99
Dried Birch Bark Sheets - Cured & Natural
-35 %
Cured White Birch Bark Sheets Natural Birch Bark Sheets are perfect for using for you natural craft projects. Use some to wrap candles, lamps, lights, or even wall paper a bathroom. They are preserved and cured so they will last and keep their looks for years and not just a few months.  You will lo..
$129.99 $199.99
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