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Decorative Balls - Sphere Decor

Try some of our sphere decor for your home or office as an easy way to add color and texture to any room! Most of our decorative balls look great just placed on a table or shelf in a bowl, vase or tray. These items are a perfect way to fill a bowl on your kitchen table without having to deal with the problems like fruit flies, that come along with using fresh fruit. Many of these items would look great in a bowl with other potpourri items by adding extra color and texture, or by themselves, without having the scent of potpourri for those who are sensitive or have issues with allergies. All of our sphere decor would make a great gift during the holidays, for a birthday or house warming gift.
Our Decorative Moss Balls or our Dried Mini Flower Decor Balls both make beautiful decorations for a summer wedding as part of the table centerpieces. Try our Mini Pine Cone Rose Balls as ornaments on your Christmas tree or add different texture by adding our red Decorative Wire Balls in between the evergreen boughs. These are the perfect centerpiece on any table in your home or office. Try them in a vase with one of our many Curly Branches. Take a look at our beautiful Moss Balls, Flower Balls, Vine Balls, White Shola Berry Balls, Curly Willow Balls, and many more of our natural decorative balls. Decorative spheres measure between 2 inches and 12 inches. Some of our sphere decor are soft and some are hard, but you will find each one custom made to be beautiful in your decorations. You will love the way they make your decorations look. We guarantee it.
Dried Vine Latta Balls Stemmed - Gold, Red or White Dried Vine Latta Balls Stemmed - Gold, Red or White
-54 % Out of Stock
Dried Vine Latta Balls A perfect addition to any party bouquet is a collection of our red or gold glittered stemmed vine balls.  At a sweet two inch in diameter size, these glittered and stemmed vine balls lend themselves well to any fresh or dried floral arrangement.  Simply place a few glittered..
$5.99 $12.99
Grapevine Topiary Balls
-26 % Out of Stock
Grapevine Topiary Balls These Grapevine Topiary Balls are well made, with woven grape vine over a wire mesh interior. This makes them sturdy and long lasting. A vine topiary is traditionally made by covering a grapevine ball with fresh, silk, or dried flowers, attaching a pole stem and placing the ..
$19.99 $26.99
Mini Pine Cone Rose Balls
-67 % Out of Stock
Mini Pine Cone Rose Balls Amazing pine cone balls that can be put in a bowl or a tree. Nothing looks better than a couple of these balls of rose pine cones. They are made with real pine cones, shaped and arranged to make the perfect decorative ball. They have an ornament string attached to easily p..
$4.99 $14.99
Shola Berry Decor Balls
-80 % Out of Stock
Shola Berry Decor Balls Shola Berry Decor Balls are great for putting in decorative bowls on a coffee or dinner table. Put them on a shelf. Put a few decorative balls on top your cabinets.They are beautiful and it will be hard to do anything that won't look good. Shola Berry Balls are made with a n..
$3.99 $19.99
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