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Dried Grasses

Dried Grasses make wonderful decorations for your home or office, centerpieces for your table or addition to any arrangements. Dried Grasses can be used as a filler in your arrangement, or they look beautiful in a vase all by themselves. You can also use Dried Grasses in making your taxidermy wildlife arrangements look like a natural habitat, for your kids school projects or dioramas and/or window displays for your storefront. Our Dried Grasses are pressed, preserved or dehydrated. Try our Dried Dune Grass in a vase to accent a beachy coastal decor or use them as wedding centerpieces for a beach or outside wedding. Or, if you're looking for something to add to your Fall wedding or party, try our Dried Phalaris Grass or Dried Seteria Grass in the color Burnt Oak for a sure to please addition.
Dried Linium makes a great centerpiece on a table or looks great mixed in to the boutonnieres or bouquet in a rustic themed wedding. Dried Wild Oats make a wonderful decoration for your mantle by simply wrapping some raffia or burlap around them or mixing them with any of our other wonderful Dried Grasses. Dried Sabel Palm look great in an arrangement with some of our Dried Pencil Cattails. Our Dried Decorative Pampas Grass make a great addition to bring back that retro feel to your home, that your Mom may have used to decorate with when you were growing up- simply place in a vase and put it into any corner or entryway in your home or office. Dried Pampas Grass has also recently become popular in weddings to line the aisle or to use to decorate with up at the pulpit (see our Pinterest.) We know that you will love all the Dried Grasses that we have to offer! No matter what project you are working on, you will be able to find something wonderful here!Dried Grass related topics: Pressed Grasses, Drying Grass, Grass Dry, Dry Grass, Dry Grasses
Ornamental Dried Fountain Grass Fountain grass is amazing living or dried in tall vases or arrangements.  Our dried ornamental fountain grass is perfect to put in a decorative tall vase for your home decor.  It is also great for office decor and any arrangement with grasses or dried wheat involved..
$12.99 $20.99
Meadow Grass Meadow grass is a thinner grass than other grasses. Meadow grass is more erratic and more bushy that other straight grasses. This stuff is amazing and great for arrangements where you need some variety and change from the other straight items.Try some meadow grass today. You will love..
$10.99 $45.99
Dried Ornamental Wild Grass (Dried) This long and tall ornamental wild grass has been dried and dyed perfect for your displays and craft projects. Wild Grass is a great decoration accessory to any floral arrangement. Add it as a filler or nice background and create fullness and body with this decor..
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