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Dried Pods

Our Dried Pods are a great way to add texture and dimension to any project or decor by using natural dried products. Dried Pods can make wonderful focal points in any arrangement in your home, office, or even travel trailer. These items are dried and preserved so they will last you for years to come! Many of our pods can come stemmed so that you can add them to a bouquet or arrangement, or un-stemmed to use in decorative bowls, jars or wreaths. Our pods are different and unique, so no matter where you decide to use them, they will be a hit! Our Dried Pods can be used in many different ways and for many different events. Try adding our Mini Lotus Pods to a Christmas or Autumn flower arrangement, wreath or garland or add them to the boutonnieres in your wedding party. Order our Cotton Bolls and fill a jar to use in a powder room on the counter top, on the end of a bookshelf or on the desk in your office.

 The Cotton Bolls could also become part of a nature filled wreath, garland, swag or topiary. Our Dried Cotton Stalks are also a great educational item to use in a classroom setting, as a way to show students what cotton looks like in its natural form. Try our Dried Gourds as a great way to easily create a decoration for the Fall season, create a fun craft for kids by painting them or order our Large or Extra Large Dried Gourds and make your own homemade birdhouses. Need a centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner? Our Dried Mini Corn Husk Wild Apples with Stems would look great in a bowl as a centerpiece or use them as place settings on each plate. Cipo Cortado Branches are great if you're looking of something different to add to a reptiles cage, as they make a great option for reptiles to climb on. Because Dried Pods immediately give a look and feeling of nature, many of these items would look great added as decor to your RV, Travel Trailer or "Glamper." Make sure you look at all our amazing dried pods such as: Dried Badam Nut Pod, Bell Cups, Globe Thistle and Shola Poppy Pods. No matter where or what you decide to use your Dried Pods for, we know they are sure the please!

Dried Palm Blut Bunch  - Palm Caps Dried Palm Blut Bunch  - Palm Caps
-28 %
Dried Palm Blut Palm Bluts are amazing natural creations.  Make sure you look at these closely because they are so beautiful. They are made with palm and put on stems. Very flower like and beautiful. Try some of our dried palm bluts today in any of your arrangements and you will be glad you did. Ex..
$12.99 $17.99
Wood Palm Roses Bunch Wood Palm Roses Bunch
-63 %
Dried Wood Palm Roses Beautiful Wood Palm roses are an amazing product. They are a product made with natural items. Try some of our Dried Palm roses in an arrangement today. You will love them! Our beautiful set of five palm roses are made from natural palm fibers which have been artistically cut, ..
$6.99 $18.99
Decorative Wild Apple Stemmed
-38 %
Decorative Wild Apples Wild apples are a great dried pod that is very popular to use as accents to wreaths, vase, and other floral arrangements. Wild apple pods are bright, colorful, and a great addition to any home or office decor. Try some in an arrangement and you will love them. Product: Dec..
$7.99 $12.99
Dried Velvet pods
-50 %
Dried Velvet Pods Velvet pods are fascinating and beautiful. They are just the right size to use in potpourri and perfect for adding to a stem and putting in an arrangement. They are called velvet pods because of their fuzzy outer shell and smooth inner shell. They are beautiful however you decide..
$5.99 $11.99
Dried Banana Stick on Stem
-46 %
Dried Banana Sticks Dried Banana Sticks are an amazing pod/stick. They they are long and very eye catching. Banana sticks come a variety of colors and shapes and sizes. They are great with other dried flowers, dried pods, or fresh arrangements. They are already stemmed and ready to use. Try some D..
$6.99 $12.99
Dried Monkey Pods on Stem
-33 %
Dried Monkey Pod Dried Monkey Pods are a fascinating pod attached to a stem and ready to use in your decorations. Their natural beauty will capture your audience and visitors attention as they are great to look at. People will as you were you got them and if they are real. They are and natures beau..
$9.99 $14.99
Dried Lotus Pods Heads Case
-26 %
Dried Lotus Pod Heads Dried Lotus Pods are beautiful pods that you can use in any arrangement, or as a bowl filler. They will last and look beautiful for years. Dried lotus pod heads can be easily painted to meet any color scheme of your choice. Try these dried lotus pods and you will love the resu..
$66.99 $89.99
Large Dried Cattails (Cat tails) For Sale (Qty 5) Large Dried Cattails (Cat tails) For Sale (Qty 5)
-62 %
Dried large cattails Add a classic touch to any room in your home by accenting a flower arrangement with several of these all-natural large cattails. These handpicked and dried cattails come straight from a natural creek bed or pond. A perfect gift to decorate a hunters lodge, cattail crafts will ..
$7.99 $20.99
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