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Other Dried Grains

Our dried grains are the best your money can buy! Dried grain bundles are unique and classy and are a great way to add different texture or color to a centerpiece or bouquet. Dried grains are great additions to your home during Autumn, as they bring the feeling of the nature indoors. They would even look wonderful on a table in your office year round! Some of our grains have been used in rustic themed weddings or parties, for a picturesque design.
Many of our items would look beautiful by themselves without any DIY work. Simply take them out of the box and ta-da, decorations with ease! Try an Avena Green Oats Centerpiece Stack by itself on your dining or entryway table for a simple addition that will bring a homely feel to your room. Our Decorative Grain Swag is another beautiful option for any room, simply hang on the wall in your kitchen or family room and you've got a wonderful decoration, with 5 different types of dried grains. Try adding some 6 row barley to a beer stein for a simple homemade decoration to add in your home bar. Natural dried products make the best decorations! For those who are looking for a great DIY project, dried grains are a great option! Our Purple Majesty Millet, Chinese Millet or Mini Millet would look great in an arrangement with other grains or next to bright colored flowers, as they give you a different texture then any other grain or flower. Try painting a mason jar, adding a ring of twine, and filling them with rye or wheat grass for a simple country addition. Mix Ornamental Rice with wheat and Avena Oats to create a totally finished look that will be a unique garnish. Mix different kinds of grains together and wrap with raffia or burlap and you've got a one of a kind decoration for your mantle above the fireplace. For the holidays, Broom corn is beautiful when tucked in the branches of a Christmas tree, with the colorful seed heads dangling through the evergreen boughs. Rye Stalks make a beautiful centerpiece for wedding reception tables or for an arrangement for the altar. Our grains are beautifully dried and preserved to keep all of the integrity intact. Dried grains will bring wonderful color to your home or office and everyone will want to know where you got your one of a kind items! All of our dried and preserved grains are made to last and they will look great no matter where you put them for years to come!
Ornamental Rice Bundle (Dried)
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Ornamental Rice Bundle (Dried) Dried Ornamental Rice is gorgeous displayed in short and wide vases.  This allows it to fan out and display the head more fully.  Mix Ornamental Rice with wheat and Avena to create unique and totally finished looks for centerpieces or wall arrangements.  Anyway you ar..
$15.99 $19.99
Wheat Kernels (Grain Kernels) Loose Wheat
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Dried Wheat Kernels Wheat has long been a symbol of a bountiful harvest.  Wheat is used in innumerable consumer products as an ingredient.  It is also used for decoration as dried grain stalks tied in bouquets or placed in vases or baskets. Wheat kernels can be used in art work as a mosaic medium...
$19.99 $24.99
Rye Stalks Rye Stalks
-56 %
Rye Stalk Bundles Rye stalks are the latest in interior design. Standing taller and even stronger than wheat and having a unique greenish to  gold color when dried, rye makes an excellent choice for standing in vases and frames. Decorate your modern or country-style living room with a slim vas..
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Dried Purple Majesty Millet
-22 %
Purple Majesty Millet Purple Majesty Millet looks a lot like a purple cattail.  They are wonderful for medium to large arrangements where you can add some larger and fun items in the piece. Try some of these with dried wheat or other dried flower to complete your look. Product: Dried Purple Maje..
$17.99 $22.99
Dried Spray Millet
-35 %
Dried Spray Millet This Dried Spray Millet will go perfect with almost any flower bouquet of your choice. It's beautiful light green shades will bring a welcoming touch to any home!  Get the real thing and people will wonder where you got such a beautiful natural decoration.  Try some of this beaut..
$12.99 $19.99
Dried Wild Oats - Decorative Dried Wild Oats - Decorative
-22 %
Dried Wild Oats Dried Wild Oats are a beautiful long grain.  They are great by themselves in a corner vase or make great fillers.  Tie some with raffia or burlap and put them on a fireplace mantel.  They are so beautiful I don't think you can go wrong with this product.  You are..
$17.99 $22.99
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