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Dried Fruits, Seeds, Berries

Dried Fruit, Seeds and Berries are a wonderful addition to your home or office decor. Using dried items is superior to using fake, plastic items not only because you get the real look and feel, but also because some of the items in our Dried Fruits, Seeds and Berries section will also add great scent. These items are dried to perfection, which means they will keep their color and feel for years to come! These items can be used in many different decorations, arrangements or crafts, you can't go wrong with any project that you choose to do! Try either our Dried Pomegranates - Natural or our Dried Pomegranates - Enhanced, and make a wonderful wreath of pomegranates that would be perfect for the holidays, or simply add them to a jar or bowl with one of our many Pine Cones for a colorful, yet simple, addition to your decor. Tallow Berries can be added to a headpiece for a wedding, or they are often used in wreaths and swags for a delicate splash of color.

 String some thread through slices of our Dried Oranges and hang them on your Christmas tree for added color and texture that adds that natural feeling but is healthier and safer than using tinsel around children and pets. Add our Dried Apple and/or Dried Orange slices to your favorite potpourri for a fresh citrus smell. Try one of our different types of Acorns and Acorn Caps as a wonderful decoration for the Autumn, try simply putting them in to a mason jar and setting them above your fireplace, a bookshelf or entryway table. The options are endless with the amount of projects you can create with any of the items in our Dried Fruits, Seeds and Berries section! Make sure to try all the amazing options in our Dried Fruits, Seeds and Berries section including Dried Sunflower Seed Heads, Dried Quince Slices, Dried Pepperberries and Canella Berries. We guarantee no matter how you decide to use your items, they will be a hit!

Dried Pomegranates Stemmed (Enhanced or Polished Case) Dried Pomegranates Stemmed (Enhanced or Polished Case)
-45 %
Dried Pomegranates Stemmed (Enhanced and Polished) Dried Pomegranates are beautiful fruit on stems that you can use in any arrangement. They will last and look beautiful for years. Try these Dried Pomegranates and you won't be disappointed. Note: This product is only sold as a case right now. ..
$269.99 $487.99
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