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We get special deals, closeout and overstock prices all the time and we will gladly share those good deals with our customers. These products are not scratch and dents. They are just products we have acquired at special prices and can pass the savings on to you.  Take a moment to see all the deals we have going on right now but don't wait  too long on these deals because these prices are not guaranteed to stay this low. 

Dried Rahul Stick Green
-46 %
Rahul Sticks Rahul Sticks are great fillers and backdrops to other dried flowers and decorations. They are dried and preserved to last for years. Try some rahul sticks in your arrangements today. Product: Dried Rahul Sticks Amount: 1 bunch per order Length: 26-28 inch Size Bunch: about 6 stem..
$6.99 $12.99
Dried Valley Buttons - Natural Color Dried Valley Buttons - Natural Color
-54 %
Dried Natural Valley Buttons Valley Buttons are a very beautiful straw flower.  They are also similar to floral button flowers but have a valley down the center of the flower bud and you can you use them anywhere you would normally use floral buttons.  They are durable and easy to work with and bea..
$5.99 $12.99
Long Willow Branches / Sticks Long Willow Branches / Sticks
-36 %
Long Willow Branches Long willow Branches are hard to find much less any tall branches. They are the best for tall vases and corner arrangements for your home or office. Long willow sticks really make a statement and are so hard to find they are an exclusive item you won't find at everyone's house...
$13.99 $21.99
Dried Babys Breath Garland - 6 Feet Long Dried Babys Breath Garland - 6 Feet Long
-32 %
Dried Babys Breath Garland Babys Breath is a staple in the floral industry and there is a reason why.  It is so beautiful and easy to work with.  It also makes wonderful decorations by itself.  This long garland it amazing when you put it on a shelf, fireplace, or used as a centerpiece and if 6 fe..
$66.99 $98.99
Decorative Natural Twig Wreath
-61 %
Natural Twig Wreath Beautiful Natural Twig Wreath for your door, wall or centerpiece.  They are beautiful and ready to decorate with.  They are made to last and you will love the look they give your house. Try a Natural Twig Wreath today. Product: Natural Twig Wreath Size: 18 in..
$17.99 $45.99
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