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We get special deals, closeout and overstock prices all the time and we will gladly share those good deals with our customers. These products are not scratch and dents. They are just products we have acquired at special prices and can pass the savings on to you.  Take a moment to see all the deals we have going on right now but don't wait  too long on these deals because these prices are not guaranteed to stay this low. 

Dried Pampas Grass - Natural Pampas Grass Dried Pampas Grass - Natural Pampas Grass
Hot -20 % Out of Stock
Dried Decorative Pampas Grass Dried Decorative Pampas Grass perfect for home decor.  Decorate your home with some of these amazing Pampas Grass Plumes. Perfect for corners and entryways these pampas grass plumes make a statement.  All you need is a vase of your choice and a corner that needs decora..
$58.99 $73.99
Dried Springerii Fern Bunch - Asparagus Sprengerii
-73 % Out of Stock
Dried Springerii Fern Bunch Springerrii is a fern that is small and know for being a great filler and background for your other dried flowers.  Mix it will other dried flowers or other dried florals and you will will see how much of a difference it makes in your arrangements.  You will love this fe..
$3.99 $14.99
Dried Vine Latta Balls Stemmed - Gold, Red or White Dried Vine Latta Balls Stemmed - Gold, Red or White
-54 % Out of Stock
Dried Vine Latta Balls A perfect addition to any party bouquet is a collection of our red or gold glittered stemmed vine balls.  At a sweet two inch in diameter size, these glittered and stemmed vine balls lend themselves well to any fresh or dried floral arrangement.  Simply place a few glittered..
$5.99 $12.99
Fresh Curly Willow Branches Long Stem Fresh Curly Willow Branches Long Stem
-44 % Out of Stock
Fresh Curly Willow Branches Fresh Curly Willow makes a fabulous addition to any floral arrangement, centerpiece, or craft project. These branches are naturally twisted and are quite flexible until dry then they will hold their shape nicely. These versatile fresh willow branches can be placed in flo..
$9.99 $17.99
Long Straight Ting Ting Branches Long Straight Ting Ting Branches
-41 % Out of Stock
Long Straight Ting Ting Long Straight Ting Ting Branches are hard to find much less any tall branches. They are the best for tall vases and corner arrangements for your home or office. Long ting ting sticks really make a statement and are so hard to find they are an exclusive item you won't find at..
$12.99 $21.99
Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges
-73 % Out of Stock
Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges Luffa sponges are a natural sponge made from the fibrous interior of the loofah plant.  Loofah gourds have been used for decades as decorations.  Luffa sponges also are a great way to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to be soft agai..
$3.99 $14.99
Natural Yangani Branches - Tall
-33 % Out of Stock
Natural Yangani Branches Yangani branches are similar to birch branches but without the roughness. It is a smoother and beautiful branch that branches and shows a lot of character. These branches will catch your eye and are beautiful where ever they are. Try some Yangani branches today. You will lo..
$9.99 $14.99
Round Birch Branch Wreath
-57 % Out of Stock
Round Birch Branch Wreath Round birch branch wreaths are the perfect base for all your wreath projects.  They are natural and will last a very long time. You will love their natural brown color and how easy finished wreath are to make from this wreath form. Attach some pine cones, dried flowers, dr..
$9.99 $22.99
Shola Berry Decor Balls
-80 % Out of Stock
Shola Berry Decor Balls Shola Berry Decor Balls are great for putting in decorative bowls on a coffee or dinner table. Put them on a shelf. Put a few decorative balls on top your cabinets.They are beautiful and it will be hard to do anything that won't look good. Shola Berry Balls are made with a n..
$3.99 $19.99
Shola Berry Garland
-79 % Out of Stock
Shola Berry Garland Use these Shola Berry Garlands for any project or arrangement where you need a string of shola berries.  String them around a Christmas Tree or just use them like a normal garland.  Shola berries are meant to last and look good for a long time so use them with confidence that th..
$3.99 $18.99
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