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Bleached Mitsumata Branches Mitsumata branches are a beautiful branch. Most often seen as decorative branches for vases in home entry way arrangements and corner arrangements. These mitsumata branches bark has been removed and they have been bleach to give them a very smooth feel and creamy white. ..
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Ostrich feathers - wing feathers Ostrich plumes are also called Ostrich wing feathers. Ostrich plumes are still popular on hats and clothing, as well as centerpieces, costumes, feather pens, decorations, feather fans, high fashion, and much more. Our ostrich feathers are clean, sterilized and ready..
$22.99 $34.99
Summer Fields Lavender Bunch Summer Fields Lavender Bunch
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Summer Fields Lavender BunchImagine walking through a field in late summer and picking golden stems of dried wheat, a few sprigs of fragrant deep purple lavender, and tiny white star flowers.  This bouquet is hand made with these summer fields in mind.  Bring the beauty indoors for a lasti..
$25.99 $32.99
Rustic Farmhouse lavender bunch Rustic Farmhouse lavender bunch
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Rustic Farmhouse lavender bunchFrench lavender that has been cut in the fields and naturally dried keeps it’s luscious fragrance for a long time.  You will benefit from that perfume by placing this bouquet in your home.  And it is visually pleasing mixed with natural wheat and ammobium flo..
$24.99 $31.99
Summer Sunset Lavender Bouquet Summer Sunset Lavender Bouquet
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Summer Sunset Lavender BouquetNaturally red straw flowers make this bouquet glow with the colors of the fading sun on a summer evening.  Flax stems (lineum), ammobium flowers, and  white floral buttons add visual interest in this french lavender bouquet.  It is fragrant and beautiful ..
$26.99 $33.99
Wildflower Lavender Bouquet Wildflower Lavender Bouquet
New -21 %
Wildflower Lavender BouquetThis bouquet of fragrant french lavender, mixed grains, and a variety of dried flowers looks like it has just been gathered from a field of wildflowers.  Rosy pink straw flowers add a blush of color to offset the whites and greens of the grains and floral buttons.&nbs..
$26.99 $33.99
Dried Ornamental Wild Grass (Dried) This long and tall ornamental wild grass has been dried and dyed perfect for your displays and craft projects. Wild Grass is a great decoration accessory to any floral arrangement. Add it as a filler or nice background and create fullness and body with this decor..
$6.99 $22.99
Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz
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Blackbeard Wheat bunches Enjoy the rustic natural beauty that a bouquet of Blackbeard Wheat offers.  These dried wheat stalks boasts heavy heads of golden grain and dark black florets, exclusive to the black beard variety of wheat. These bundles of dried and naturally preserved wheat are perfect fo..
$8.99 $20.99
Dried Oregano Flower Bundle The dried stems of oregano can be used to add color to any dried or fresh floral display.  Oregano is lovely when tucked in a wreath, bouquet or swag made from natural wheat, rye, rice and oats.  The deep purple of the oregano flower makes a lovely contrast. The dried or..
$10.99 $17.99
Mini Hay Bales - 10 inch Mini Hay Bales - 10 inch
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Mini Straw Bales Decorative mini hay bales are a great way to decorate for weddings, celebrations, country themed parties, or many other special occasions. Naturally dried by the sun before harvest. Professionally compressed to be a 100% miniature hay bale authentic replica of the real thing, thes..
$9.99 $15.99
Rooster Tail Feathers Rooster Tail feathers are fantastic decorative feathers. Purchase bulk feathers for crafts, decorations, and your hair for fun extensions or bows. These rooster feathers for sale are high quality and have been cleaned and sterilized so you don't have to worry about that. Try..
$9.99 $15.99
Berry Birch Branches - Bittersweet The Birch tree is known for its beauty. From the meridian of time birch branches have been an important part of many celebrations where the branches are the main decoration in both home and church. Birch branches have also been a lasting symbol of love, with sweet..
$12.99 $21.99
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