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Natural Handmade Flowers

Natural Handmade flowers are flowers made from natural products.  Did you know pine cones make great great roses?  Have you seen the flowers shola can make?  Mums that are made from other dried plants.  You will not believe how realistic they look and how nature can be combined to make even more beautiful items than are only natural.  Browse around you this category to see how other people's minds run wild and create flowers from other plants.

Our Beautiful Parchment Roses or Preserved Roses make wonderful choices when making homemade corsages or boutonnieres for a dance or wedding, and we have a wide range of colors to fit into any theme! Try transitioning any arrangement into a holiday piece, by adding your own mini LED lights as an easy way to get in to the holiday spirit or you can add beauty and color to your Christmas tree by simply tucking dried flowers in to the branches. Swags and garlands can also benefit from the splash of color that preserved flowers bring or they could be used to decorate a hair clip. Dried flowers, like our Dried Rose Petals. are an excellent addition to your potpourri. Our flowers are dried and preserved so that they will last in your arrangements for many years. They are a beautiful part of nature preserved and dried in time for your enjoyment! Brighten up your home, office and life with a bouquet of dried flowers today!

Other Spellings: Dried Flowers, Preserved Flowers, Floral flowers, decorative flowers.

Wood Palm Roses Bunch Wood Palm Roses Bunch
-63 %
Dried Wood Palm Roses Beautiful Wood Palm roses are an amazing product. They are a product made with natural items. Try some of our Dried Palm roses in an arrangement today. You will love them! Our beautiful set of five palm roses are made from natural palm fibers which have been artistically cut, ..
$6.99 $18.99
Decorative Wild Apple Stemmed
-38 %
Decorative Wild Apples Wild apples are a great dried pod that is very popular to use as accents to wreaths, vase, and other floral arrangements. Wild apple pods are bright, colorful, and a great addition to any home or office decor. Try some in an arrangement and you will love them. Product: Dec..
$7.99 $12.99
Teddy Butterfly Flowers
-62 %
Teddy Butterfly Flowers Teddy butterfly flowers are handmade burlap flowers.  They are attached on a small wire stem.  They are a beautiful filler or additive for any arrangement.  Have fun with them. They are great! Product: Teddy Butterfly Flowers Color: natural burlap, green, red, pink (as..
$4.99 $12.99
Wood Flowers - Wood Zinnia Wood Flowers - Wood Zinnia
-40 %
Dried Wood Zinnia Flowers Wood flowers are so beautiful and unique you will fall in love immediately. They are so beautiful you would never know they are handmade from a soft wood.  Try some in some potpourri or add a stem to them easily with just a little hot glue to add it any arrangement or..
$5.99 $9.99
Wood Fan Flowers - Sola Fans Wood Fan Flowers - Sola Fans
-25 %
Wood Fan Flowers - Sola Fans Wood flowers are perfect for your arrangements.  They last a very long time and are made with the upmost care with natural sola root.  It stays flexible and looking good for a long time.  You will love the way these fan flowers look.  We guarantee it.    Product: ..
$8.99 $11.99
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