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Other Dried Plants

Dried plants are great decorations. They last a long time and are mother natures creations. These dried plants will make you're home, office or party look stunning. Make sure you look at all the many dried plants, flowers, and pods we have so you can mix them together for a project even more eye catching.

Dried Italian Ferns - Large Size
-44 % Out of Stock
Dried Italian Ferns Fronds Try our Dried Italian Ferns. You will love framing them, putting them in a vase, or on a wall. They are high quality and dried to perfection. You will love them. We Guarantee it. Product: Dried Italian Fern Frond Bunches Size: Large Amount: 1 bunch of each color..
$8.99 $15.99
Dried Lunaria - Preserved Money Plant
-26 % Out of Stock
Dried Lunaria - Preserved Money Plant Dried Lunaria is beautiful and although costs to dry this plant are high it is worth it to put some in your high end arrangements.  This plant is carefully preserved and dried so that it will last and last. Use some with other ingredients to add a round and fun..
$36.99 $49.99
Dried Sarracenia (Pitcher Plant)
-30 % Out of Stock
Dried Sarracenia (Pitcher Plant) Amazing plant of mother natures creation. They look like you can fill them up with water and pour it out. They are beautiful and would be so amazing in a floral arrangement. No need to feed this plant!  Don’t let the fact that Sarracenia is carnivorous deflect you f..
$18.99 $26.99
Dried Strawberry Indian Corn
-48 % Out of Stock
Dried Strawberry Indian Corn Great strawberry Indian corn for all your decorating needs. Strawberry Indian corn is named for its strawberry shape and reddish color. Perfect for fall decorations, crafts, wreaths, and centerpieces. Deep red color draws attention and is a great addition to your autumn..
$12.99 $24.99
Long Pine Needles - Pine Straw Long Pine Needles - Pine Straw
-33 % Out of Stock
Long Pine Needles Long Pine needles are perfect for crafts. You will love using our long pine needles for making pine needle baskets, weaving with pine needles, pine needle crafts. They are just the right color and length. Also called pine needle straw, this product will make your crafts stand out ..
$17.99 $26.99
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