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Pine cones

Decorating with Pine Cones is a great way to bring the outdoors and nature that you love in to your home. We have Pine Cones in all different sizes to accommodate whatever your project or decoration may be. Pine Cones are great to use in many different crafts whether you're doing a project by yourself or you're looking for something fun to share with the kids/grand-kids! You can easily turn Pine Cones into turkeys, reindeer, trees, snowmen or any other imaginative things you think of, with just the addition of a few other items - and your kids will love helping with a craft! Pine Cones are great to use for decoration during the holiday season but they can also be used in your home year round. Simply roll Pine Cones in peanut butter and bird seed and hang from a tree in your yard and you have a fun bird feeder. Use them as a place setting for your dinner table at Christmas or turn them into Ornaments to hang from your Christmas tree.
Try our Pine Cone Roses in your bouquet for your outdoor wedding or order them stemmed and put into your Winter arrangement. Our Black Spruce Cones make a great filler for a Pine Cone wreath or put them in the bottom of a vase or jar and pair with some of our Dried Flowers for a unique twist. Our Miniature Cinnamon Pine Cones with Cinnamon Sticks are a staple for many households and will make your house smell just like Christmas. Many of our Pine Cones have been used in outdoor weddings in the bridal bouquet, the boutonnieres, or as centerpieces on the table. For a simple holiday decoration try our Exclusive Jingle Bell, Stars, and Pine Cone Potpourri in a basket and place at a focal point in your home or office. Mini Pine Cone Wreaths can be hung on any door, on the mantle or banister or even on a table as a candle holder centerpiece for your next party. We can get Pine Cones painted in an array of colors including gold, silver, red, glittered, and even bleached. We have just the right Pine Cone to fit your crafting and decorating needs! Related Pine Cone topics: Pine Cone Crafts, Pine Cone Wreaths, Pine Cone Wood, Cone Tree, Cone Wood
Natural Cone Garland - 5ft
-34 %
Natural Cone Garland   Product: Natural Cone Garland Length: 55 inches long (about 5ft) Cone Type:  assorted natural pine cones and other cones Size Cones: assorted sized pine cones..
$32.99 $49.99
Pine Cones with Cinnamon Sticks
-20 %
Ponderosa Pine Cones with Cinnamon sticks are lightly scented naturally with cinnamon sticks  Lightly Cinnamon Scented with Cinnamon Sticks. Great for decorations where you don't want overpowering cinnamon scent everywhere. You can always add the cinnamon scent later if desired.  You will love thes..
$66.99 $83.99
Gold Craft Ponderosa Pinecones
-34 %
Gold Ponderosa Pine Cones These gold ponderosa decorative pine cones (pinecones) are perfect for any craft, wreath, or art project. Perfect for around the Christmas Holidays. Each pine cone (pinecone) is not glittered but is painted with gold metallic paint which catches the light and make your pro..
$132.99 $199.99
Snow Glittered Strobus Pine Cones Snow Glittered Strobus Pine Cones
-22 %
Snow Glittered Strobus Pine Cones: These Snow Glittered Strobus Pine Cones are perfect for any holiday craft, wreath, art project or decoration that you're working on. These pine cones have a more elongated look than many of our other pine cones and range between 4" and 6". These would make a great..
$27.99 $35.99
Painted, Tipped, Stemmed Pine Cones
-71 %
Painted Tipped and Glittered Pine Cones Awesome pine cones all ready to be used in any arrangement or decor.  These pine cones have their tips painted, glittered and beaded.  They look amazing and are just the right thing for any arrangement.  You will love them. We Guarantee it. ..
$3.99 $13.99
Alder Cones - Sabulosum Cone Alder Cones - Sabulosum Cone
-38 % Out of Stock
Alder Cones or Sabulosum Cones Dried natural alder cones / sabulosum cones are beautiful and unique cones. The alder cones are 1.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide. These sabulosum cones are not pine cones but look very similar to a little pine cone flower. They are also not sticky and do not have poky ..
$15.99 $25.99
Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones with Cinnamon Sticks
-20 % Out of Stock
Ponderosa Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones are scented with cinnamon and cinnamon sticks  Cleaned and all natural with Cinnamon Scent Cinnamon Scented with Cinnamon Sticks For smaller spaces, try our cinnamon scented mini pine cones!   Product: Cinnamon Scented Ponderosa Pine Cones Amount: 50 C..
$66.99 $83.99
Douglas Fir Cones Douglas Fir Cones
-20 % Out of Stock
Douglas Fir Cones Cleaned and all natural Douglas Fir Pine Cones are a fun looking pine cone with personality. They have fir like extensions coming off the pine cone leaves which give a great unique look for your decorations. They are great for mixing with other pine cones or using on their own fo..
$39.99 $49.99
Gold Stemmed Pine Cones (Ponderosa)
-20 % Out of Stock
Gold Stemmed Ponderosa Pine Cones Use these gold stemmed ponderosa pine cones in any arrangement that you would use pine cones. These pine cones are already ready to go in an arrangement with the stem attached. Gold pine cones are beautiful and versatile to use in many different crafts and floral ..
$154.99 $193.99
Horned Spruce Cones Horned Spruce Cones
-20 % Out of Stock
Horned Spruce Cones Cleaned and all natural Horned Spruce Cones are a fun looking pine cone with personality. They have horns or little hairlike ends coming off the horned pine cone leaves. They are great for mixing with other pine cones or using on their own for you pine cone craft project. Try so..
$39.99 $49.99
Lodgepole Pine Cones (PineCones) Lodgepole Pine Cones (PineCones)
-21 % Out of Stock
Lodgepole Pine Cones Cleaned and all natural Lodgepole pine cones are small pines that are cute and great for craft projects like pine cone wreaths, and making small crafts with pine cones.  They nice shape makes them great for using with other pine cones for any project. Product: Lodgepole pi..
$32.99 $41.99
Mini Cinnamon Scented Pine Cones Bag with Cinnamon Sticks
-31 % Out of Stock
Miniature Cinnamon Pinecones with Cinnamon Sticks This product includes a mesh bag of cinnamon pine cones. These mini pine cones are tiny and cute. It has been perfectly scented with cinnamon.  These cinnamon pine cones will keep their scent for a long time and can fill your whole house with pleasa..
$8.99 $12.99
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