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Super Low Price Sale Items

Super Low Price Sale Items is our discount product category, for items that we have in our warehouse that are hugely overstocked. Many of these items we purchased from other businesses that went bankrupt or imported too much, we purchased these items in huge semi-truck loads at a discount price from the bank. Now our inventory is so large that we don't have enough space in our warehouse for everything, so we are selling these largely overstocked items at all time low prices to make space for other items. Also, buying these items in bulk, or by the case price, will give you an even bigger discount! The items in this category range from items that would make great fillers in your bouquets or arrangements to items that are stand alone items.
Our Dried Centaurea Pod - Closed would be a great addition to a project that may need a delicate pop of color or try our Dried Palm Roses in a vase by themselves for a unique bouquet. Simply fill a decorative jar or bowl to go on your table, shelf, mantle or entryway with the Assorted Decorative Sea Shells, Assorted Decorative Bowl Fillers, or our Gold Beaded Lata Balls. Our wide range of products, are a great way to make a fun project for the kids by letting them pick our and create their own masterpieces. Products and prices are subject to change at any time so purchase today and take advantage of these amazing deals. Try some of these high quality natural products today at these super low prices and we know you'll want to come back for more!
Ming Rose Heads
-46 % Out of Stock
Dried Ming Roses Ming roses are so beautiful and soft you will fall in love immediately. They are so beautiful you may not realize they are handmade from natural roots and plants.  Try some in some potpourri. Add a stem to them easily with just a little hot glue.  They are perfectly dried and arran..
$6.99 $12.99
Mini Cedar Rose Ornament Balls
-73 %
Mini Cedar Rose Ornamental Balls These cedar rose decor balls will make your centerpiece come alive. They are made with all natural products. Try these dried cedar rose balls in a bowl, on a Christmas tree, by themselves, or with other decor balls on a coffee or dinner table. They are sure to make ..
$5.99 $21.99
Mini Pine Cone Rose Balls
-67 % Out of Stock
Mini Pine Cone Rose Balls Amazing pine cone balls that can be put in a bowl or a tree. Nothing looks better than a couple of these balls of rose pine cones. They are made with real pine cones, shaped and arranged to make the perfect decorative ball. They have an ornament string attached to easily p..
$4.99 $14.99
Mini Pine Cone Wreaths - 6 inch
-62 %
Mini Pine Cone Wreath These lodgepole pine cone wreaths for sale are super cute and super useful for decorations and tables.  Add several of these wreaths to a wall for super great look that one big pine cone wreath couldn't give. Add some of these pine cone wreaths for sale to a table by themselv..
$4.99 $12.99
Multiple Lotus Pod on Stem - 3 high
-64 %
Lotus Pods stemmed 3 high Dried lotus pods are amazing. They look great and add such a great depth and sophistication to any arrangement. They are very popular and it is easy to see why. There is only one thing that could be better than that and that is to go 3 high. Each one of these lotus pod ste..
$4.99 $13.99
Natural Decorative Tassels
-64 %
Natural Decorative Tassels Decorative Natural Tassels for decorations and for use in tying around your projects. These tassels are made from natural fibers and dyed to be the colors they end up. Try some wherever you would use raffia or other tying materials.  You will love the way they look! ..
$3.99 $10.99
Natural Paper Ribbon - 3 rolls of Brown
-60 % Out of Stock
Natural Paper Ribbon Paper Ribbon is a great product for wrapping gift boxes, gifts, stuffed animals, etc. Use it anyway you like but it is a great natural product that will not distract from your natural events, or natural decorations.    It is so easy to use you will wonder what you did without ..
$3.99 $9.99
Natural Stemmed Ponderosa Pine Cones
-21 %
Natural Stemmed Ponderosa Pine Cones Use them in any arrangement that you would use pine cones. These pine cones are already ready to go in an arrangement with the stem attached. They are beautiful and versatile to use in many different crafts and floral arrangements. Try some of these amazing pond..
$26.99 $33.99
Painted, Tipped, Stemmed Pine Cones
-71 %
Painted Tipped and Glittered Pine Cones Awesome pine cones all ready to be used in any arrangement or decor.  These pine cones have their tips painted, glittered and beaded.  They look amazing and are just the right thing for any arrangement.  You will love them. We Guarantee it. Product:  Pine ..
$3.99 $13.99
Pine Cone Rose Ball 6 inch
-64 %
Pine Cone Rose Balls Decorative balls in a bowl are in right now and nothing would look better than a couple of these pine cone rose balls. They are made with real pine cones shaped and arranged to make the perfect decorative ball. We love them and we know you will too! Product: Pine Cone Rose B..
$4.99 $13.99
Round Birch Branch Wreath
-57 % Out of Stock
Round Birch Branch Wreath Round birch branch wreaths are the perfect base for all your wreath projects.  They are natural and will last a very long time. You will love their natural brown color and how easy finished wreath are to make from this wreath form. Attach some pine cones, dried flowers, dr..
$9.99 $22.99
Shola Berry Decor Balls
-80 % Out of Stock
Shola Berry Decor Balls Shola Berry Decor Balls are great for putting in decorative bowls on a coffee or dinner table. Put them on a shelf. Put a few decorative balls on top your cabinets.They are beautiful and it will be hard to do anything that won't look good. Shola Berry Balls are made with a n..
$3.99 $19.99
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