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Pine Cone Assorted Box

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Pine Cone Assorted Box
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Pine Cone Assorted Box

Pine Cone Assorted Box


This assorted pine cone box is a great product for anyone who is working on a large project that needs a lot of pine cones, or if you're working on a project that requires you to have multiple shapes, sizes and colors. This box of 50 includes pine cones such as ponderosa, austriacas, lodgepoles, jeffries and/or norway spruce pine cones. This is a great item to order around the holidays to fill your home in pine cone decorations - fill a jar or vase, add them to a Christmas tree or homemade wreath. Wherever you add these assorted pine cones, we're sure you will be happy with your purchase.


Product: Pine cone assorted box
Amount: 50 pine cones per box
Size: Varies
Color: Natural brown color

1 Box of Assorted Pinecones pictured

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