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Dried Birch Bark Sheets - Cured & Natural

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Dried Birch Bark Sheets - Cured & Natural
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Dried Birch Bark Sheets - Cured & Natural

Cured White Birch Bark Sheets
Natural Birch Bark Sheets are perfect for using for you natural craft projects. Use some to wrap candles, lamps, lights, or even wall paper a bathroom. They are preserved and cured so they will last and keep their looks for years and not just a few months.  You will love these Birch Bark Sheets. We Guarantee it!


Product: White Birch Bark Sheets
Type: Natural, Cured and preserved
Size: 12 by 12 inches per sheet
Color: natural white birch
Case Note: This product is only sold per 10 sheet case.  Please let us know if you would like a smaller amount.

Other names: white birch bark sheets, birch bark sheets for sale, sheets of birch bark, birch bark sheet suppliers

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